Sunday, July 15, 2007


Layout will stay this way until I think of a decent design. For now, do allow this to annoy you =P

On another note, I was planning to go up some mountain or hill to meditate and regain my guru-ish wisdom next week. Too bad there are topic tests to "look forward" to. @#$%.

Nisha's 18th Birthday Outing

Double post! Hehe.

Nisha had to celebrate her birthday 3 days in advance, since next week will be a pretty busy week for everyone xD

Pictures look like crap as usual, but I'm posting em up anyways =)

Too bad I didn't get to visit the booths =(

Popcorn is good for health =)

Another one of the "runaway Nisha" snaps

Shu Yi dancing ^^

Went to the arcade, and got trashed by almost everyone (especially Nisha) in Daytona >_<"

My first time seeing someone playing VC2 with so much style xD

Happy Birthday! ^^

PS - Can I celebrate my birthday today? xD

HDD and Some Other Random Pictures

I was supposed to study but I ended up doing this xD


Old IBM(casing) HD. Still alive and well.

I think I took too many pictures of this =x

View from outside Room 214

Somehow reminds me of the time when I got blasted by someone for bringing my laptop to school, even though it was for work purposes. Idiot.

English presentation these two weeks. You see many peeps in formal everyday xD

Monday, July 02, 2007

Bye Erich! ^^

Erich is leaving MUFY. Now we can't hold a December party anymore ;_;

I went to wreak havoc at his farewell outing. Didn't get to take many pictures. Those few taken turned out bad. and I don't know why either. My bad =x

Many of the photos are of... Erich. It's his farewell whut xD

Vietnam Kitchen

It must've been a long wait

...because he fell asleep

He looked sad


wanted to take a better shot, but was stopped by a guard who said "no cameras allowed" =.='

It was beer I tell you! Serious! (if plain water is considered beer)

Sorry all the pictures turned out so bad ;_; I'm really, really sorry.

Anyways, hope you'll have more fun and find better friends in Australia!

All the best! =)