Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ran Ran Ru

No pictures again. Can't find the right stuffs for the set up =/

Here's a video I stumbled upon in Youtube. For the record, I have never posted any videos up here before. Just for the record. Yep, just for the record.

It's not that this video's so good it can make you cry, but somehow I lost all will to sleep after watching it xD See the McD clown? Yesh, I'm afraid he'll come visit me in my dreams. Nightmare alert.

Please do turn on your speakers at full blast so that your parents and family members will all take a look and think you're crazy =D

It's 5 minutes long by the way. Please feel free to stop viewing when deemed necessary xD

For the record again, the original wasn't like this, even though they're essentially the same if you ask me.

Peeps who visit this blog are very free. Since you're here, therefore you're a visitor, and hence it can be concluded that you are very free. And since you're so free, do watch Ken Lee as well if you haven't already.

I'm still wondering what "Ran Ran Ru!!!" means -_-

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Zero photo. This post is worth a few words.

Mx0 ended =(( and not to mention so abruptly T_T Geez.

On another note, I got a few new toys to play with =D

1 - Mouseball! Picked one up from somewhere behind some books somewhere under the table somewhere in my room.

2 - Floppy drive. My dad's office's computer's floppy disk drive died you see =D

3 - Some metal balls donated to me from God knows where by Chu Ian the jack o all stuff. Now I can put them in a metal mug and shake it to hear nice 'cling-cling' sounds. Can annoy people. I truly am evil >D

4 - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. Okay la the gameplay isn't that nice, but I like the story and music. No team Lockets to fight, and there's Wigglytuff ("Friends! ♪ Friends! Awesome friends! ♪") =D

Don't worry I'm not going to take photos of them. Not anytime soon anyway.

Friday, May 16, 2008


As promised, the marble post xD

Photos were taken using slightly different 'lighting' this time.
Thanks to Chu Ian for the marbles. Geez, this guy sure has lotsa stuff -_-

Spot the hidden Mickey =P

That's all.

I know my blog's been rather void of 'life' lately. Life as in erm, life lah, rather than just 'things' in my life, if you get what I mean. The thing is, even when I brave the strong winds and high seas to drag the bulky D40X to uni almost every week, I never felt like taking pictures of my 'life' there. So I always ended up snapping away at non-living stuff, buildings etc., or lifeforms that would only get chucked into my hard disk the moment I get home, never to see daylight again.

So this will prolly go on for the next few months, or years, until I feel like it. OMG I'll never be able to achieve personal growth like this. Die lo.

By the way, Happy Teachers' Day =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I got the yellow one =P

I don't think this one needs any introduction, does it? xD

I took around 20+ pictures of it when I realized that the tyre was out of the wheel (erm not exactly, but I dunno how to put it into words) And by the time I did, the camera ran out of battery. Joy! =D

The next post will most prolly be a marble post.

Friday, May 09, 2008

It didn't work

Something that we spent a few full days working on, something that worked almost perfectly well during test-runs, just had to fail when it came to the real launch.

It's not my position to complain though. I wasn't the one in the group who worked the hardest for this project, except making lots of noise insisting on having "no paper products" in the structure. Even so, it was really depressing.

There will be only 3 pictures in this post, the shots are not good, as was my mood, and they will probably be the only ones I'll ever upload until I feel like publishing the rest.

That's all. No more.

By the way, cheers to all groups that managed to get theirs running.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I'm really not supposed to be doing this, especially not with an assignment waiting begging to be finished by tomorrow. Oh well.

Nothing special this time. Another show-off post. Guess the model =P

If we manage to turn off the alarm clock later, I might post up something on the "no paper products!!! xP" project. If and only if it works. Wish us luck =D

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Show off post

It's my Nintendo DS!!! xD

Actually, it may or may not be one. It's not like you can see it from this picture xP