Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gots Shuttle?

I thought I was very free since there were no more assignments to hand up last week and so I became a kepohchi and lugged my camera to teh uni's sports carnival badminton competition (or was it some other event? xDD). It wasn't for nothing, because I have now reaffirmed my beliefs that I should stay at home and take pictures of inanimate objects for the rest of my life.

Pictures are kind of by the order they were taken. Some pics are taken using manual focus since I dowan some players to blog about "that darn girl with the glaring camera light distracting me". [but yesss if you're wondering, I am also very impressed at my intelligence to use manual focus for such a thing].

Many congratulationssss to Mr Phua and his partner Mr Apple for winning 2nd place in men's doubles =D

That should be its for nows.