Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Norms and Being Ethically Wrong

Just to dust off some cobwebs on the blog. Haha. Nothing important here yet.

Almost done with 9-month-old overdue post but shall not update nao...

The LX3 I was (ab)using last year haha. They actually skipped 4 and came up with LX5 hmm.

Some show-off post is in order, but that'd also have to wait. Haha.

For people having exams, good luck for your exams!

EDIT TO ADD: This article is quite positively funny hahaha.

Although it's OK to cut down an overhanging branch, it is not OK to pick fruit from it without your neighbour's permission. By law, the fruit belongs to your neighbour, as does any fruit that falls onto your land from your neighbour's tree.
- Alan Wilson
Okay that's all kthxbai. Lol.