Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm verrrryyyy bored

MUFY Talent Quest 2007. I sang Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" and won first place. Woot.

Joking xD. In case you don't already know, I'm tone deaf. EDIT TO ADD : I did not actually take part in the competition. Spectator, spectator, spectator -_-

Anyways, the event was overall, rather fun (especially when the ticket's only RM3). Got to see many assorted (xD) muffins on stage. Some peeps' performances were real good, some macam kena gastric, some looked as if they're auditioning to be porn mag models. Adrian said he laughed till tears came out watching someone's performance xDDD

I should not comment too much, since I didn't do such a good job taking photographs anyway =x Photos were disastrous xD I'd like to blame it on the lighting, but looks like the one thing I'm missing is talent xP

This is Ben xD

"You and Me" by Lighthouse

She got cinta special, so she sang "bukan cinta biasa"

Some Hindi song. Nice voice, too bad I can't understand a single thing =x

As you can see, Lip Boon is extremely sensitive to the presence of cameras.

Spinning top. Banyak susah mau ambik gambar.

"Don't Speak" by No Doubt.

His facial expressions were real classic man xD Ask Miss Esther if you want his photo up-close. Teacher had a Nikon D50 with her =)

"Da O Tai". No idea what that means, but yeah =)

"I won't say I'm in love"

This is Ivan Tang Veng Hoe, who sang "From Beginning Till Now". He moves alot. Result= all his pictures went blurry xD Also the guy responsible for posting my ridiculous photo on his blog.

I can't get a single photo of them except for this

It's a duet. Eh, I see that girl again! xD

Wonderwall by Oasis =D

All You Wanted by Michelle Branch. 2nd place. She's good =D

This dude here sang with all his heart. He got 3rd place.

According to the emcee, she has been dancing for the past 11 years. Great dance. She got 1st! =)

"It's My Life" by Bon Jovi

They call themselves Solidity Mad, by the way.

Here's Ivan again

There were 4 in the group, but I only got the pic of 2 xD

Teen Hoppers

Non-participants. They're looking for a guitarist and drummer IIRC.

The two great emcees actually danced =D

Just when I got the rare external light source =.='

Ivan stealing food with a smile. Notice Priya at the back? ^^

That's it. That's all I took, or should I say, that's all I'm willing to post up.

On an unrelated note, my mom bought me a CHICKY!!! sometime ago xD

Will take a nicer picture of it when I have the time =)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Somewhere in Sunway Part II

This time it's flowers and other totally unrelated pictures. Heck, I'm random.

Happy fasting to all Muslims xD