Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ivan's 21st!

It was on the 3rd January btw. Ah 3 months ago, sorry again +_+ Anyway, post rolled back to 3rd January 2010 =P

Pictures are jumbled in the order... I see fit xD


Ivan's neighbour's house. Unfortunately I couldn't climb over the fence to take a picture of Ivan's house.

When we first saw this we actually thought it was a hand -_-

I personally think this looks very cute xD

Chee Yung in full blast(?)

Mr Phua ala Tamil movie hero style.

Mr Ben Superman.

Ivan's tanglung!

His dragon cake xD

This was after Shu Yi did the honours of cutting/distributing the cake. Shape seen above is more or less thanks to Ben telling her "eh Shu Yi, cut dragon bad luck for 10 years" xD

I loves candles =D

The always caked one, or at least to me. But it's cute =D

Some card game I cannot remember, but it's alchohol-based haha.

Okay that's about it. The rest... will be uploaded when the time is right!

Happyyy (Belated (I seem to use this for everyone)) Birthday Ivan! =D

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Comic Fiesta 09 [Day 1 and Only 1]

[Actual post date: 16 March 2010] Rolled back to 02/01/10 =P

So I went for Comic Fiesta. Nothing much to say about it, except that the lighting was terrible terrible horrible bloody horrible.

Ah, pictures.

Nonetheless, my life was complete when I saw this +D

Pei Chern and Jo Wee were there as well =D With... Yuka from XxxHolic was it? xD

Performance a.k.a dance routine.

OMG for the first time, I got to see Phoenix Wright('s mentor, partner, daughter, and client) =D but no Phoenix T_T

Very semangat-ed-ly objecting to life. Mia Fey looks on.

A somewhat standard feature in anime conventions. Still cool though, haha.

At Nando's. Waiters there didn't seem to want business at that time.

My life is complete once again =D

Performance 2 a.k.a dance routine 2! With the same song. People do think alike xDD

...the difference is this group roped in the audience (or maybe friends) to dance with them lol.

Clothes to wear and poses to make to get guys flocking towards you.

See what I mean?


Hmm let's see what's next...

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's

@ Andrew's house on NYE. Uh-oh it is mid-March already? Sorry for the slow update +_+

Anyway, post rolled back to 1/1/10! =P [Actual post date 16 March 2010]

I believe most of the pics have already been uploaded on FB, but I am not planning to make it a picture site. Here's to those who happened to drop by to see that I have suddenly finally zomg-finally updated:

Oh, Andrew made fried rice. It was nice =D but sorry no picture, I only remembered after eating -_-

I believe this was the "watching banned commercials" session, and also Ivan's most exciting activity on this NY eve.

Anrew mopping the floor! Picture taken by Chee Yung.

For some reason I wanted this pic in B&W, haha.

After that we sorta went out to view 3 fireworks displays =D They were "quite" nice but I didn't get any nice pictures +_+

Well this was about the nicer shot already.

Looking for a place to hang out was a big problem. Some didn't want the expensive Nasi Kandar shop, others didn't want to spend their New Year in a 1960's retro Chinese kopitiam. (quoted by Ivan) In the end everyone went to Ben's house xD

In the karaoke room.

Outside the karaoke room.

This picture's kinda pathetic, but it'll do I guess. Happy New Year (after 3 1/2 months) everyone! =D

Oh and thanks Andrew for being a good host =D