Saturday, June 21, 2008


And this question has 3 more little questions using the k value I "found". 8 marks gone.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's the 18th

OMG my PC finally recognizes the actual RAM size. I thought this day would never come.

Still suffering from Dynamics. I'll never achieve personal growth.

By the way fox on fire 3 is out. Gogo download.
If they want that many downloads today they should have gotten a better server, and a better timing -_- The site's so jammed I can't even access it.

Took this from a website somewhere somewhere. So much for speed.

6 more days. 6 more days.

EDIT: Apparently the heavy site traffic had little to do with the fact that I can't get the download running. I think the dude responsible for the great release overslept and woke up at 11am US time, and spent the next hour uploading fancy backgrounds for the download page (I saw UFOs, balloons, birds, and even a small Firefox vs IE corner) before finally putting the real thing up for download. Never mind, I got it anyway. I kept my promise =)

Friday, June 13, 2008

very dead, I am

Maths was a-ok. Dynamics was depressing. Looks like Dynamics won't equal D or C this time. Now I wonder if I'll even pass marginally, or fail miserably.

The S thingy is becoming more of a burden than blessing.

Never mind it. Emo-ing, no mood to study the impending doom that is Physics or worse still, Materials, so I'll waste some time to write rubbish here.

Note to self: Play Shenmue I and II over and over again after finals until results are released on the 11th.

Wallpaper from somewhere I can't remember anymore. Official site here.

Oh yesh. Shenmue rocks. Dreamcast rocks. People who have never played either of these, or condemns them for whatever reasons there may be, are missing out a lot in life, and will someday die regretting the fact that they never got the chance to experience one of the most wonderful games of all time.

You can't find this kind of graphics in Final Fantasy games 10 years ago or dunno what else la, but you can find it in this game =D

Never mind the curses. E3's next month, I'm hoping for some good news.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I can't think of a title

Miao finals coming. I'm so dead. Anyways, all the best to everyone taking the exams =)

On an unrelated note, petrol sudah naik harga. I'll need to start begging for fuel in the streets. Sheesh.
Electricity tariff increasing next month. Must remind self to buy kerosene lamps and candles to survive in the dark. Must not turn on the air-conditioner. Maybe go around naked at home so it won't feel that hot. Not a really good idea xD

Will prolly post some pics after finals, if my computer doesn't show me the Blue Screen again. So there shall be no further updates until 24th June 2008 12:00:00 at least. Unless I feel like it xD

PS: To those schoolkids who laughed at me for not having holidays these two weeks, I will have my revenge soon. Just wait >)

Monday, June 02, 2008

I ought to be shot for this.

I welcomed the holidays thinking that I would should study like a cow until the finals come 9th of June.

Unfortunately, I wasted time reading a manga a day, and by that I mean a whole complete series a day. And after I got bored reading them, I turned to visual novels.

Downloaded a few this week. Finished playing one called Narcissu, and it's quite nice, albeit rather sad. Not the tearjerker kind though, it just makes you feel empty. Or maybe I'm just heartless xD
People who like flowery words, sad sad stories and also the idea of stealing stuff should like this.

This 3 hour long game only has 2 characters in it.

Girl - "Setsumi". 22 years old. ID bracelet colour: white. Knows all about cars down to the very detail. Navigates better than all the computers in the world. Tak tau senyum. Loves swimsuits, and bikinis on top of that. Has an interesting take on the story of narcissus. Was to be released home from 7F for the second time. Going to die.

The guy on the other hand, doesn't have a name, supposedly a good guy, but went on a stealing/robbing spree the day he 'eloped' 7F with the girl. Stole dad's car keys + beloved car (apparently an Integra Type-R Coupe, according to the girl), stole clothes from a launderette, attempted to steal money from a pachinko outlet, attempted to flee the gas station without paying, and finally 'robbing' a pharmacy in bright daylight. Also about to die.

If you want to know more, go download the game yourself. I'm feeling generous, so here's the link. Gogo download! It's free =D Free in cost and free from porn. This is one of the few visual novels where you're not trying to hook up a guy/girl by the end of high school, and also one where two characters, both about to die, can actually stay in the car in the dark without doing anything at all =)

A beautiful story, at least for me.

Now to shoot myself.