Sunday, December 11, 2011

The End was Near

And the end is here! ... 3 weeks ago. Hehe.

Note: Wordy post is wordy.

I know it is rather anti-climactic to update after forever with a wordy post. I have tons to update over the years (yes, years) though at this point in time, I guess the ones in question would have either forgotten I was there with a camera, or grown tired of waiting; whichever group you may be in, I am really sorry about that T-T It would appear that I have multitasking skills at a lower level than minus one. Actually that's a convenient excuse, I am just an inherently lazy person who can't work without deadlines which I did not set myself.

So this year felt like a really long one, if I didn't highlight that point enough. So I suppose it more or less explains the saying "Time flies when you are having fun"; the inverse holds true too. Much of my sorrow (lol) was caused by what you call a final year project. In layman terms, it is a year of continuous effort to hopefully achieve something worthwhile of being an engineer. In more technical terms, it is a year of continuous effort to hopefully achieve something worthwhile of being an engineer... sorry I am not a very technical person at heart haha.

I chose the messiest looking picture possible to give you the false impression that my work was unbelievably complicated and difficult.

Anyway, it was without doubt a great learning experience but I have to say I was probably putting too many things on my tiny plate, with neither the teeth to chew nor the stomach to stomach them, (can I consider this a pun? The concept of puns really elude me). I feel the need to publicly state that I am eternally grateful to the rather many people who made it a lot more bearable. Eternal in this case sounds like an exaggeration and I agree that it is a subjective matter but at this point in time and up until the foreseeable future, I boldly declare that I am grateful 8D Names are withheld because well, blogs need no names and names need no blogs, or something like that. Emotional support, tangible aid, etc., I appreciated them all. I was also somewhat happy that my absence was noticed and inquired about, though in the form of Facebook spam. This in itself is actually a pretty selfish thought, so I need to apologize for that *bows*.

Ta-dahh. The final product. It doesn't work as well as it looks cool, which is not something to be proud of. Then again, reality seldom sounds soothing so yeah.

Despite my considerably long complaint paragraphs above, it wasn't as though my life was a complete hell throughout the year; I just enjoy complaining. There were some high points of note too (basically all the time I was not working on the project), otherwise I would be composing this post from an asylum. Actually, for all you know I could be, but I shall save you the suspense (or the lack of it) by telling you I am not. I am completely sane now :D This is partly due to the fact that I have safely graduated! The quality of my grades may or may not be questionable enough but the fact that I am now a certified course completer means that I can begin working on your homes and break some pipes and wire-boxes, or go to factories and be a nuisance at the product lines from lack of experience. If I ever get hired, that is. Currently I am cliché-ly contributing to the unemployment statistics and surviving on the bread brought home by my parents. I'll do something about that sometime soon, when I'm not busy blogging. There, another excuse. People like me really wait for good things to fall down from the sky.

Anyway, as lost as I am I think I am not that lost. Or something like that. I still know what I want to be. I guess 8D Toodles peeps.

By the way, happy graduating to all my friends who are graduating tomorrow! Am sure you people will look great wearing that square-ish headgear =D Hope we keep do keep in touch =D

Edit: Slightly edited. Where and when, is not an issue 8D