Sunday, March 22, 2009

RM8.90 Ferrari F2008

Title says it all. Some pictures were cleaned to remove dust. No photo enhancements just like someone I know. Might have to repost an edited version since I cannot stand seeing unedited photos; it displays a grave lack of creativity. Not like I have any to begin with, but I want people to at least know that I know how to adjust the brightness of photographs. Lol.

EDIT: Photos have been edited because I'm kiasu. Not that they look any better but I still prefer edited photos xD

EDIT AGAIN: I changed the order of 1 photo, just because I felt like it.

Pictures are not 1024x768 friendly.

Lighting this time's pretty simple since I was feeling very lazy but I was trying to finish up the camera battery before hauling it out to some ACGC which turned out to be the size of 3 classrooms if I'm being generous in estimation. Oh thank you Mei Xian for the ride =D and thank you Keng Fai for the roll roll thing xD

Ah did I mention that this is my 888th post? xD

Once again, I save my favourites for last. This time I have 2 =D

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shu Yi was 19 6 days ago

Haha. Shu Yi turned 20 5 days ago. And the pictures below were taken 7 days ago.

Extra hands by Ivan.

"kyaahhhhhh!" *poke poke*

She faced temporary age confusion because there were more candles than necessary.

The above picture highlights a glaring error. Guess =P

Happy Birthday o Shu Yi =D

PS: Some really kind people helped me out today. Thank you very very much =D

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blue is teh pencil colour

Quite the lazy photo but oh well, it's still an update, haha.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lights Up [Part 2]

Thinking outside the box can be very difficult for people like me, which is why Part 2 which is also the final part will look very similar or almost identical to Part 1; only that this time I have reverted back to employing the dSLR advantage, mwahahaha.

I thought they looked like the Twin Towers =D


Haha. Using the word "fin" is so much fun.

Anyway, the next time I get any camera, I'll make sure they have 2 lens instead of one -_-

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lights Up [Part 1]

Hmm as all of you know/should know/should have known, I am not good with angles. I enjoy taking photos of still life or actually it's more like no life photography since I have no life and my models are lifeless, and that I like playing with my "stage" setups (most of the time they're just plain white or black though).

The setup may be simple and not grand and not nice (whichever you prefer, or all of them if you so wish), but I'd like to call it my own Not-So-Revolutionary Revolutionary Lighting, haha.

Subject of the day: 2 mechanical pencils. Don't tell me you don't have one.
Camera of the day: teh phone! (omg again?)

Alrighty, that's it for phone shutterbugging (apparently this word doesn't exist but never mind) for now. Part 2 will cover pictures taken using the good ol' camera again, haha.

On another note, the horror resumes tomorrow. Gee T_T

Shorty Notice

O ladies and gentleman, please welcome my even-more-eye-unfriendly minor change to the layout with open arms xD This was created about a month ago but uploading was delayed due to the lack of motivation to draw the hands and legs, which I eventually omitted anyway -_- I believe the next one won't be yellow, but oh well.

O and please expect some more lifeless photos from me soon.