Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Man Is an Island

No date is an update! Okay very lame and makes no sense, but ah well.
Kinda tired lazy tired and since the next post... should be rather lengthy... I'll have a proper update next time xD

Finally just finished watching Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva after a long long time of waiting, forgetting, getting reminded, waiting, and erm waiting. Depressing stories aside, I watched it eventually la.

Hmm, it's actually impressive how it still manages to be unpredictable in many ways despite the tendency (by tendency I mean just from the 3 I have seen before, not sure about others lol but yes I like jumping to conclusions this way) to have ridiculous out-of-the-world answers to puzzling mysteries, overly rich mad scientists who build massive structures which always collapses/self-destructs at the end of the movie which takes up 5 minutes of screen-time for the main characters to escape and save a damsel in distress, crazily obsessed people, practically clueless detectives, and Flora getting minimal time on the screen because she is either in hiding locked up with cows or I dunno, just doesn't appear at all.
Anyway, overall quite a nice movie. Professor Layton FTW =D

In higher resolution because I can. Haha.

Weekends are almost heres. Have a good weekend people ~~
Midsem break is also almost here. Happy holidays peeps.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

At the Docks + Somewhere in the City

[This post wasn't meant to be composed until I'm done with my supposed test on Saturday. Test got postponed to the 18th >_> Not that I studied enough to complain though hehe.]

This is a post about another fine day. There seems to be many fine days lol. No actually not, I hardly ever went out enough to judge the weather but never mind it.

ANYWAY, one fine day whatever remained of 2007 muffins in Australia who somehow took Maths B in 2007 decided to meet up in the city, even though all of us stayed in Clayton haha. Meeting was to convene around noon on that one fine day.

So hmm I went to the city early in the morning around 10.30 (yes 10.30 is very early) because Ms Lisa Lau thought it'd be a good day to go gambling since the planets and stars were properly aligned that one fine day. Hahaha. Actually it was more like it's the mid-sem break, and since I was only on exchange for one semester and while I've always wanted to enter a casino I'm not exactly the best tourist around, plus she needs to pick up someone who isn't exactly the best navigator around in the evening (=P), somehow we went to the Crown Casino lol.

That aside, this post will be quite a mess. Photos are quite a mess, and their qualities are rather questionable. No excuses because I was using teh LX3 after all but please be kind =D

Note: If you love your bandwidth, you should prolly close this window; but I hope you have unlimited bandwidth so either way please continue reading yay. Quite a wordy post as well, you have been warned =D

I always start with some pictures like this. Unnecessary but it's become a habit.

Pineapple-ish shot of the a light from below. Photo inspiration from Ms Lau.

Inspirational pose. Explanation as follows: unless I see someone taking pictures of something, I don't have any initiative to take photos of anything that doesn't strike my fancy, and there aren't many things in the world that do =x Hmm so I need to go out with someone who would actually bother bringing along a camera to avoid wasting my own haha.

Anyway cameras weren't allowed in casinos since they were prolly afraid we going to spy on some bigshot like some secret agent and then sell the photos to their wives for big money, and I wasn't born with guts of steel to steal some shots so no pictures lo.

That fateful day I discovered that I didn't have much of a gambling luck in the gambling den. Good thing they gave us free AUD5 for registering, so there was no nett lost, and I even obtained a nett profit since we only used AUD3 (or was it 2) each.
...I've lost more playing with toy capsules machines xDD but that's a story for another day, if the day ever comes.

...Sorry, I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the casino emblem-ish thingy o.o anyway it doesn't look particularly special during the day, and as for the night image I believe your imagination will serve you well enough to help visualize the image of a lightbulb crown =D

Moving onnnnn. After seeing enough of the slot machines we moved on to wander around at some park to eat sandwiches, which meant no DonDon for lunch T.T and since it wasn't noon yet, there was Docklands; the giant playground for the free, the rich, and also for the dinosaurs.

And I think my wordy-ness stops here xD

The sign said "Graham Kennedy" =D


A somewhat compulsory photo for everyone who visits the jetty. Though I don't really understand why mine never works.

The water looked nice =D

More large-compound-with-nice-buildings.

There was another stall for kids to fight on a... rope-like balloon thingy to push their opponent off the rope-like balloon thingy but I didn't manage to get a photo D=

More walking...

Anyway sometime around 1pm Mr Phua called / called Mr Phua and found out that the friends we were supposed to meet i.e. Ms Tan and Ms Ng were caught up with some other stuff at some other place and so would be coming at 5 something. Continued walking...

...and reached the shopping district. Really expensive shops with really spacious walkways. Spacious walkways hmm.

Here's why. Lol.

I dunno, but I guess they must have found the most dinosaur fossils at this place o.o

... and we hit the roads (train tracks) again.

Some pictures along the way at some stops:

Vintage tram.

Milk carton cow-on-a-tree o.o

Art o.o I like this cow-on-a-tree o.o Really like it o.o Like, really o.o

In rather timely fashion Ms Kung called after I've had enough fun with cow photography. Or maybe otherwise there would be 5 more photos of the cow in this post. Hmm.

A few phone calls later. Or was it just one long one, I forgot. Anyway, this is Ms Kung and family =D

Take 3 =D

Anyway (I use lots of 'anyway's but anywayyyy) somehow the expanded tourist group hailed the tram.

So I spent the rest of the ride looking at this.

And this.

And the Parliament - the place people get married! Ehh really one, many people take wedding photos heres.

I turned back to look inside the tram to see a slight change in scenery.

Elder Ms Kung joined o.O Haha.

Sometime later (after walking a few miles and Mrs Kung belanja-ed us pizza thank yuuh auntie =D and I stealthily bought DonDon for the next day's lunch >D) we parted ways... and I walked some kilometres to see teh muffins (who I saw almost everyday) because I didn't know which tram to take =x
I still don't really understand the tram system even now, but I guess it doesn't really matter since I'm back xD

We went to pick up Ms Tan at some street after Mr Phua was done buying perfume for his sister and bumped into Ms Ng in another tram which again, I did not know which and where =x but nvm! I got home safely courtesy of those who did =D

Dinner was at some Hong Kong-ish Kim-Gary-like restaurant at someplace which reminded me alot of Sungei Wang.

My dinner. Too busy eating, didn't take any of the others' food =x

It was a rather fun dinner =D

There was this other sign which said "Please turn to your neighbour and thank them for paying for your ride" or something like that lol.

Mr and Mrs Phua / Mr and Mrs Foong.

We went home after crashing a few shops and walking a few streets =D Picture of some bus stop.

A very heartwarming reunion at the make-believe prison. Aww.

End of post!

Next update will be... should be... a long time from now. Though I would still appreciate traffic =D Really, people like me sit at home and wait for money to fall down from the sky. Haha.

Tomorrow's Friday. Have a good weekend everyones!