Monday, January 31, 2011

Loitering around Deakin Hall: Bricks

Hmmm yes these were taken around the same time as the previous post, and prolly mixed with some I took in July as well. Though there are only 10 pictures, and some are repetitive shots... I thought I'd separate this as a single update, or something like that.

So anyway, random pictures taken around Deakin Hall, no greenery this time.

First building I visited. Home of packages, bedsheets and vacuum cleaners.

Right-side view.

Ah. I spent half my life here. Lol.

Howitt Hall sure is tall. Hmm.

Deakin Old...

...with a glint on one of the windows...

...and view from the garden.

The New... HDR, sort of. I posted this pic before btw lol. But anywayyy never mind it...

and finally... a shot of my room... haha.

That's all! Should have taken more pictures hmm. Never minddd.

Have a good Tuesday everyones ~~
I need to stop stealing bones/chickens. Like naos. Gee.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loitering around Deakin Hall: An Attempt at Green Photography

Hmm I should prolly not use this term since all I'm doing is shutterbugging...

In any case! I know I have lots and lots of photo debts and even though this batch is not quite important but I am quite particular about updating in order, much apologies xD

Pictures taken out of pure randomness and whim... mostly around May/June 2010 and of assorted plants around the building I stayed in. Haha.

reminds me of dragonflies. or at least, dragonfly-inspired aircrafts.

this one bloomed nicely during winter but bees find them attractive too so no pictures then -_-

they look like jagung...

and again...

That's it folks! Enjoy your week ~~

Next batch would be... up when i steal bones/chickens again. Haha.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Sort of Sightseeing at Exam Venue

Hmm this is prolly the set no one wants to see hahaha.

Anyway, we were taking the shuttle bus to supposedly explore the exam venue for our exams a few weeks later ~

We met one of our invigilators!

Exam grounds.

The previous 2 pictures were fake, this is the real venue. Haha.

With hmm a healthy amount of advertisements...


Why so happy

Why so "meh"

Why so sunny

Dunno why. lol.

Some maple(?) leaf. Didn't remember/manage to take a pic of one individual leaf bathed in the sun =x

A shot at perspective.

After last paper = After-exam faces =D

Take two... note the Timberland jacket, fox ears, and ball of 5-layered-clothing

A random building...

Alrighty, that's it! Next post... would be up when I steal bones/chickens. Have a good weekend everyones ~~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pei Chern's 20th & Vincent's 21st: Very Cake-y Celebration

I am mass-updating so the previous 2 posts have been pushed out of the main page (sorry I dunno how to fix it >_>):
Mei Xian's 21st
Ryan's 21st

Title says it all ~~
Vincent's birthday should be on the 19th May... Pei Chern's should be on 29th May... I hope I got them correct LOL.
Anyway hmm that makes this post... only 8 months late! I'm getting there ~~

To have a double surprise on the... 22nd without both sides suspecting anything was the work of the crafty plant once again. *bows to plant's greatness*

so hmm Mr Phua handed Pei Chern this plate of cream and asked her to "go go go" and this was what happened to Mr Lui...

I didn't get a picture of what exactly happened next but this was the early aftermath...

Ee Ann had this "this is fun to watch as long as they don't come over" face...

Already with quite a strong sign language...

yeah it should be directed at this plant...

candle time!

working hard to light them up. there were strong winds ~

no more sign language xD

"I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow the candles~~"

Mei Xian =D

Mei Xian and Wing Yann waiting for a knife(?) to come...

Amber and Daren waiting for cakes to fly ~

Mr Phua managed to stay out of trouble! No phair D=

The knife was overkill... kinda...

This one had a smaller knife...

but with bigger killing intent...

towards the target... lol.

cutting cake/pie time

people on the safe side xD

who wants a huggy~

Vincent should have put his hand on Mr Phua's head D<

Okay this anti-camera person is Choo =P

Awww apparently she got betrayed. Awww.... xDD

I'm quite positive this picture was taken by Choo. Unfair weyh, Mei Xian doesn't pose for me =.=

Clearing up? Forgot details... skip.

"You want a hug?" "Does it make a difference?"

Human pyramid... sort of.


Staring at her "betrayers"... haha.

Ogre princess dispersed the crowd with her intended "group hug"

And then the pyramid got bigger!

After that we all went back to bathe and sort of washed our clothes... then it was McD's... and then it was Kar Mern's house for games!

Foosball table...

Rabbit ears kinda switched places...

I dunno what they're doing o_o

It was some sort of Guitar Heroes-like game if I recall correctly. Kar Mern and CX banyak pro ~

and there were cards...

Then we all played poker till dunno what time and walked all the way back...
Steak was prepared the next day, as promised. Lol.

Chief cutter. Or something like that. Notice the vastly different mushrooms.

Timer watching the grill...

... who also became a cutter somehow...

finally =D

Masterchef at work... or something like that lol.

Anyway, all in all it was an interesting 2 days. Haha. Hope both of you enjoyed it, Happy Belated Birthdays! =D