Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I wrote (10000/(10000+40000)) as 1/4 for 4 questions. 20% gone with the wind just like that omg. And to think I hoped to pass. Definitely a phail.

Conclusion: I died in the test -_-

EDIT: I should complain less, it won't make any difference anyway, and start reading up on C for tomorrow's test -_-

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not an Update

...I just thought I'd puzzle you buggers with some sort of "spoiler encryption" I came across somewhere today. Some of you may have seen it before I believe. I was wondering how did everyone manage to type gibberish seemingly so conveniently until I realised it was actually as simple as typing, but the typing process itself is a big hassle, unless maybe they have some filters to encode text in such wonderful style -_-

Example text:

Qrne ernqref, cyrnfr gnxr lbhe gvzr qrpbqvat gru zrnavatyrff fragrapr lbhef gehyl unf tenpvbhfyl glcrq bhg sbe lbhe crefbany rawblzrag.

I hope there's no typo xD Have fun decoding! Winners get nothing though, haha. Since the supposed code is so easy, any hints given will be a massive giveaway, eshpecially the moment you get it.

And more photos coming next week, after my wonderful tests. Oh the joyy, I'm so dead for electronics.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What can you do with a ball of Tack-It?

Pictures below show what Chu Ian can do with one during lectures, haha. And I tell you, he can really do a lot xD

I shall let teh pictures (which I don't think will do them justice but nvm) do the talking as always. Writing too much is bad for my health.

Remember the wise guru?

...bowling xD

It can actually be recognized by the C905's Face Detection feature -_-

That's all. For now. I believe there will be more soon xD

On another note, I need to apologize to my Design groupmates especially Chu Ian for killing his RCX brick T_T

Saturday, April 04, 2009


First day of ACGC some time ago, I only went the first day.

General photos on top, cosplayer photos at the end of the post.

The only thing I liked about the whole oval(?) was the balcony, which was located above the area.

Taking pictures of people taking pictures is teh fun.

First there was Goku

Then there was erm... anyway, the cosplayer was pretty cool.

Somehow I like this photo.