Friday, December 21, 2007

Whee ~~


This is the first time so many people actually wished me happy birthday. So terharu I can almost cry ;_;

But I'm NOT gonna cry, so =P

Thanks for all the wishes, SMS-es, and presents =D

All pictures were taken using my new Nikon D40X. Just bought it few days ago, still learning how to use it.
Click for larger view. Please click. Really xD

Dunno how to edit this one, so it'll just stay this way -_-

wanted to take a shot of the entire squad, but got this photo instead =.=

barely got any shots of them =( anyway, one is better than none eh? =D

Penguin got hijacked, and she even gave it a new name -_-"

HAPPY promoters

Go to the booth right outside Giant Pyramid for more information xD

Penguin shifted hands

Got kidnapped again xP

This shall be the only one I post up -_-

Can't really get a nice shot yet. Will work on it again soon.



I posted some pics up, but now I've deleted them.

Edit: :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tagged by Kathy. Ish ish -_-

The Rules:
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1. I learned Bahasa Melayu from Doraemon comic books when I was young xD but after the great Fujio F. Fujiko passed away, somehow the BM in the comics got so bad my mom banned me from reading them anymore. I was already 11 anyway. 5 years of Doraemon was more than enough xP

2. I usually mean what I say, but at the end of the day, sometimes I don't do what I mean.

3. I am teh ULTIMATE EVIL >D *mwahahaha*

4. I happen to never listen to people. I'll keep on asking everyone for a solution to a problem and when I finally found it, I'll realize it's the same thing they told me long before. Talk about ignorance -_-

5. Whenever I was angry in school last year, most people would think that I was sleepy. I know that I look sleepier than a panda lah, but I still can't really understand how people can be so err *insert some word here*, but yeah, secondary school was that saddening -.-"

6. I like to talk big and talk alot when I'm in a crowd, but I never have the courage to do that IN FRONT of the crowd. Cowardice cowardice =\

7. When you hear the name "Kit Yee", what is the first name that comes to your mind? Yeap, I don't like that first name you think of.

8. I like to think of myself as being random all the time. Unfortunately, apparently that's not the case. I'm rather predictable, in the sense that you can predict that I'll be doing something unpredictable. But then again, I think that's random, but I seldom win at Rock Paper Scissors... *I'll never finish doing this*

I tag:
Erm, anyone lah. Feel like doing it? =P

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Minor layout change.

Just bought that pocket watch, so mau tayang abit =P

That's all xD