Monday, September 28, 2009

Lisa's 2+0: Sans-Flour

I hope I used it correctly lol, pardon my poor English.

First of all, very very sorry for the horribly overdue update. No excuses here, aiks +_+

Ah anyway, highlight of last month: Lisa turned 2 on 29th August 2009. No I did not type it incorrectly, there really is no 0 after the 2 =)

Celebration was done a day earlier though, haha.
...which reminds me that today is 28th September; at this rate I'm going to update on events only a month after they happen -_-

I was part of the flouring station conveyor belt so I didn't get any pics of the flouring process so sorry xD
But anyway, on to teh picturess.

One of the reasons why people put 1 big candle + 10 small candles on a birthday cake instead of 2 big ones. You... can guess what happened next so I don't think I need to post up any photos on that. Anyway interested souls can venture to FB.

I'm feeling hardworking so here's another pre-caking picture =D
and the cake read "Get Fat" courtesy of Mr Phua's idea

Then everyone migrated to Pyramid

And I think this was TGIF, haha

The one who drinks and forgets. Okay I guess the drinking and forgetting are for 2 different things but nvm, haha. O and did I mention that her alien brain is from another planet?

=D =D =D


When I'm free, I take photos of the tripod


That should be it. The other photos.... are up on FB. Once again, Facebook will not be my photo site, so please continue visiting this place =D

...I sound very desperate -__-"

Ah, before I forget, happy belated birthday Lisa Lau =D

Thursday, September 03, 2009

When the Welds Fail to Fail

...and when the bolts fail to not fail, you fail.

Pardon teh inauspicious title.
Gee. Assignment 1 or giant headache was quite some time ago, but the horror lives on. And on. And on.

Ah never mind, forget it. Moving on!

Anywayyy, to sum it up, our failure prediction was off the mark. And worse still, we didn't bother calculating for the part that actually failed. Double phail T_T

Totally unrelated but oh well

Still, I'm grateful to have very very very very very great+wonderful+responsible teammates a.k.a. Chu Ian and Vincent, who made the project a lot more bearable. Thank you thank you =D

...groupmates at work, while I was erm taking pictures.

again. Aiks sorry I should be doing more work and less playing around.

They say work makes one go crazy.

yeah I guess so, lol
[Note: koala]

On another note, I think my handwriting is very nice but no one seems to agree T_T

I think I have some ten thousand words to be posted up sometime within time. Whee.