Friday, January 18, 2008


The truth has once again been elegantly revealed to me! I am now proud to declare there is nothing about nothing that I don't know, for there is absolutely nothing to know in the first place. Hah! Take that, you foolish fool wearing foolishly foolish clothes in front of the computer doing foolishly foolish stuff like foolishly reading my foolishly foolish blog.

Throughout these heavenly 3 month long holidays, I, the ACE LAZYBUM, have been devoting my life and soul to playing a game so elegantly named "Phoenix Wright"! O what a great name it is indeed! Truly, it is a wonderful name for such a wonderful game, and it gave me nothing less than a wonderfully wonderful time journeying through the story. No, it is too great to be called just a game, it's the greatest discovery of the century! And to be so deeply attached to a beautiful game such as this, I am indeed nothing less than a true expert with unrivaled talent to love games like this!

As the ACE LAZYBUM, of course, I've been much too busy fulfilling my duties to do other unimportant tasks like study Mandarin! For someone to be able to set her priorities with such wisdom and determination, I am truly the greatest in the world! Zvarri! ALL HAIL ME!

Ah! The serene atmosphere I am experiencing right now has reminded me of an occurence on a bright sunny Friday afternoon. On January the 14th of the Gregorian calendar, my phone the K800i had descended from the heavenly 2nd floor of Sunway College to the earthly 1st floor in a matter of seconds. Less than two, in fact. The great impact caused by its sudden flight to the ground gave the housing a fatal blow, and the motherboard bent by a certain number of degrees. But all is not lost! Possessing the will as strong as carbon, the K800i has persevered up to the moment it was sent to a service centre. I am honoured to announce that after a long operation by fabulous phone doctors aka technician, it managed to pull through and survived the ordeal! All Hail My Phone!

I'm not making much sense here, am I? xD

I think I've been playing too much of the game. It's contagious I tell you xD

That's all I'm posting for now. Prolly I'll find some better style to channel my thoughts next time. Till then,




This is my mom's phone, not mine xD
Mine's not dead yet, but I'm not quite sure how much longer can it last, especially after its suicide attempt in college the other day T_T

Wednesday, January 09, 2008