Monday, February 21, 2011

Short Break

Short commercial break before I upload the next batch (though I dunno when the next batch will be up hehe sorry) ~~

Just thought it's been a long long time since I took pictures of them cats at home. haha. They're 10 and 11 already!

That's it! xD have a good week peeps ~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bee Theng's 21st!

... on August 21 2010... sorry for the late late update xD for the record her birthday's on the 24th... haha.
I uploaded all on FB but it seems that facebook has something against my pictures, they look even more terrible there -_-

Location at Redbox Sunway Pyramid. To be honest I walked in with a lot of mental preparation to endure, but it turned out that they could all sing pretty well! =D

"I want 2 huge statues and a 5 sculptures made from gold..."

taking pictures of people when they're almost done eating = photography fail =x

"Hmm I think these videos are educational, must show my kids next time" face watching Lady Gaga's very interesting music videos

microphone hazard!

Commercial break...

I heart candles <3

I have something to say about the picture but never mind xDDD

Nice singing =D

Nisha and Eva smiles while Stephanie eats on. I'm beginning to wonder where did Cynthea disappear to the entire time I had my camera -_- sorry yah +_+

Group picture ~~

Camera shooting camera shooting people =D

Group shot with uni mates =D

Alrighty, that's all for teh pictures!

Hope you had a good time then =D Happyyyyy Belateddddddd Birthdayyyyyy! xDD

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

July II: the Final Batch

Haiii people. Now that teh paper's finished I can update without guilt but hmm might be too lazy to update too... lol.

Pictures taken on July the 2nd 2010. SOME PEOPLE WENT TO STAY IN SOME COTTAGE during that time so no pictures of them... And sorry you'll be seeing my face plastered in many many pictures this time lol.

Let's start with Ee Ann and her "solar-powered glasses" =D

teh mess hall. I personally found the food quite nice as long as they don't try anything Malaysian =D

View from Howitt's 12th floor ~

I got attacked while cycling, haha.

Take two~

Take 3~ plant really has this talent for estimating the hand+camera angle lol.

this is what you get when you say "don't move" and no one listens.


did I take this picture? I can't remember, might be Lisa hmm.

anyway we arrived at Mr Lui's house 1.5 hours later than promised hehe.

good thing the host was still in teh mood to smile... xD

Group photo #1 =D

Group photo #2 it's random that it's hilarious haha.

Group photo #3

I was told it's some "see no evil hear no evil speak no evil" thingy...

do have a look at my most lala pose ever. can't say the same for the Ms Kung though =P

Group photo #4 my camera was in a really dangerous position (on a bottle on the road) >_> though I think the angle's pretty niceeee. Camera positioned by Lisa Lau.

Group photo #5. Ee Ann's penguin pose was funny xDD

really, the only time she looks normal-sized is during winter.

see? thin as a pole. hahaha.

reunion with a relative.

stoning session...

pan yeng!

"I climbed a tree!"

"Don't mess with me. She can climb trees."

I kinda forgot what this was for... o.o

this was supposed to be some sort of joke.

I hope I took this picture, but it might have been Ee Ann or Lisa too...

by the lake...

I thought this picture made her look like she's in some tour in China LOL.

Random picture...

under the sundial without sunlight...

at the scrap metal site they call art. it's a pretty funny picture lol.

Photo by Lisa...

My emptied room...

My lighted-up room...

Some tree at night.

Alrighty, that should wrap up the pictures from Melbourne. The other batch would not be uploaded as the pictures were hmmm never mind.

Anyway I enjoyed my stay very much 8D A belated thank you to everyone for everything ~♪