Friday, August 13, 2010

William Ricketts Sanctuary + A Few Random Pictures

This is another very old update. Pictures taken on 2nd April according to the files' details, think it was during Easter Break. Lol.

Anyway one fine morning I woke up and looked out the window:

And decided to take a random picture of a 2dollar coin:

... before going for a certain William Ricketts Sanctuary somewhere far far away. By far I mean really far la. Plus the road up was kinda dodgy -_-

We were supposed to go with Ms Kung Pei Chern, but unfortunately Mrs Kung and an older relative of Ms Kung (lol actually it's her sister) who flew to Melbourne to visit her got into some bus interchange(?) problem at Oakleigh(?), so she wasn't able to join in the end. I forgot why Mr Phua didn't come (sister visit?) or why Mei Xian or Chee Yung or Wing Yann didn't either hmm. Sorry I gots poor memory.

ANYWAY eventually I only went with Lisa.

It was an... interesting place. Or should I say a place with interesting sculptures.

...which Ms Lau seemed to like. A lot. o.o

WARNING: Pictures below may not be suitable for everyone's eyes. If you don't fancy or are disturbed by the sight of naked sculptures erm you can erm close the window and wait till I phase out this update with a few more posts a few months later. But I want readers so view only la =D

[Actually if I want readers I should be updating more often but too lazy, the irony xD People like me sit at home and wait for money to fall down from the sky.]

This was still normal.

Then it went to this.

Must be his vershun of the Statue of Liberty.

And the many interesting photos after (they're all different, but they're all the same):

Two guys spending quality time in the bushes. Lol.

Dunno what's the betrayal about. Unless birds are not supposed to hug mice, haha.

Ah by the way, this is called William Ricketts Sanctuary, if it hasn't been emphasized enough yet.

And this is William Ricketts.

Wordyy. I didn't read xD

Family anyone?

Teh camera has good focuss.

Some indoor sculpture.

Sorry for the lengthy torrent of pictures xD Anyway photos from the sanctuary are finished, moving on to some after-activity...

...which was a playground. Pose near a "chocolate house" because the real chocolate shop nearby was closed for Easter xDDDD

Anyway the playground was hugee o.o

And they had this o.o

That's it! Next update will be... sometime, dunno when. Haha.

Good nighty everyone. If you viewed this at night I hope you will have sweet dreams too =P

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wonders and Pwners


Third picture of the week. Lol.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Dangerous is Power

I'm going for lab in 11 hours with zero inkling of what to expect. The joy.

Anyway, updating for the heck of it. I'm fusing (and fuming) from reading a lab sheet I don't understand at all.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Weekly Non-Update

Not really in the right capacity to update hahaha. But anyway, to keep up with my new resolution (it always stays for 3 weeks) to update once a week, here's a random image:

No particular meaning to it, just some scribbling using my legendary shaky hands.
There are people who can cook up meaningful ideas from nonsensical poems. This is one of the times when cooking isn't possible. And no prizes for creative thinking! I am random this way haha.

Hmm time to attempt doing some real work for once. Good day everyones ~~

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ann June's 21st =D

OMG I am really sorry for this half-year overdue post, reason being I left my memory card back home when I went for exchange. Sorry Ann June! >_<

Post will not be rolled back because it's... too long ago T.T

By the way Ann June's birthday is on the 9th February, hehe.

So Mr. Phua wanted to throw her a surprise birthday celebration at night, and there we were.

Daniel and Shu Yi were went close to cutting her birthday cake as their wedding cake.

Ivan wanted the cake.

After a short while the wait extended to the living room, with Mrs. Lee skillfully using her computer with the curtains open for spying purposes xDD

And hmm not long later she came back with Mr. Phua who had to fish her to the kitchen (because the candles were melting) using the excuse of "no more toilet paper" xD


Cake hound

Cake lover

I has no ideas what he doings

Cake handler

3 takes and none had Ann June looking this way xDD

... hence the face.

DOMO IS WIN!!!1!1!!1!!!!!

Hi, I like cans.

Shweet =D

More can photo can =D

Group photo time. I liked this one, too bad I had to use flash T_T

So this became my favourite picture =D

Happy Belated Birthday Ann June! Hope you enjoyed yourself xD