Sunday, February 24, 2008

If looks could kill

"If looks could kill, this woman would have been a mass murderer by now" - Apollo
That's a "broom" she's holding by the way. To sweep, and to "sweep" xD

This is another classic dude. He can actually CRY talking about science -_- Did I mention he's actually a panty thief? It's not because of what you might think it is, though. He actually steals them for a pretty funny reason. ERGO! For more info, go find out yourself xD

Sprites from Court Records

I've been playing for 5-6 hours now, yet I'm just barely halfway through the game. But never mind, it's fun =D

Friday, February 22, 2008

9 to 5


Note: this is NOT the traffic light I passed by during my driving test. I'd fail if I were to hold a camera while driving.

...but not after spending more than 8 hours at the centre -_- I'm not complaining, I'm not complaining xD

Orientation was well, orientation. Nothing special (when do I ever find public events interesting?), except that we did get free lunch =D Then again, it was the same last year, the only difference is that this time we get free lunch everyday, whereas I had to buy 1901 New York Chicken during orientation lunch breaks last year xD

In order to prevent my tears from flooding the table and eventually destroying my beloved PC, I shall refuse to elaborate any further *T_T*

On an unrelated note, my tooth broke, prolly from biting too much ice xD If you're expecting to see me without my two front teeth though, you're so gonna be disappointed. It's just a molar ok =P

Monday, February 18, 2008


Uni life starts tomorrow. OMG. I still want more holiday.

I've been spending the last two days watching an anime called Zero no Tsukaima, or Zero's Familiar. One season per day xD Don't worry, it's only 13 episodes for the 1st season and 12 for the 2nd, so I only had to spend 6 hours per day for them, from 11pm to 5am =D

I was rather put off at first, since the series was far more perverted than I would have preferred. But after a while when I managed to get past that point, I would say I was able to enjoy the show lah, even if it doesn't have that much depth compared to the rest out there. It's like having characters from Love Hina in a Negima setting, and twice as perverted. Saito really reminded me of Keitaro xDD So I can safely conclude that anyone who liked Love Hina and Negima would definitely like Zero. Mwhahaha.

Anyways, there was one particular soundtrack that I liked from the 2nd season. "I Say Yes (wedding version)". No, it's not the type you where you hear wedding bells ringing. It's a sad tune -_- Maybe you'll only like it after watching the anime, I don't know, so you'll need to BUY THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CD from local music stores around you to find out =P *ahem* who am I fooling *ahem* xDDD

Apollo Justice out tomorrow. Wheee ~~

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bye Bye Yaya

I should have wished all of you a little sooner, otherwise I wouldn't have to use this title. A Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. May this year bring you joy, prosperity, and everything in between.

Had the usual reunion dinner, which was a little like Kee's World's "they all take food and watch TV" style this year. But one way or the other, we all had our dinners together =) Celebrated the first day of New Year with angpaus from relatives and other adults, kenal or tak kenal also can get one. Second day, went back to Pahang to celebrate with mom's side punya family. Third day, did nothing much except goofing around with cousins till 5.30 in the morning. It was overall a happy few days for me.

I can only post her picture with the face hidden or else she'll chop me alive. No, it's not her face, she's just camera shy xD and oh, she's exactly a week younger than me =)

It's the same cousin with the one right above this picture. I only have 5 cousins from this side of the family, and only 3 staying over during new year.

Enough joy. My grandpa passed away last Sunday, the fourth day of New Year. He was 96.

From what I heard, grandpa, or "ah ya" left in a rather blissful manner. No signs of suffering whatsoever, which was quite a relief to everyone. I would rather not elaborate on that, so yeah.

Had his funeral from Sunday till Tuesday. Abit tiring, but I'm not complaining. Yeah, I actually took pictures during a Chinese funeral. I got the permission to snap pictures beforehand though. You may think it's very rude of me, but this is my grandpa. You can choose to not read beyond this point if you're so scared of getting jinxed, especially when it's new year, but I think he's much too nice to want to curse anyone.

This post is for you, Ah Ya.

According to the Chinese calendar and customs, he's already 100. So the funeral was actually a near-happy occasion. It's not that everyone's happy because he passed on, but it's because my grandpa had lived a very long life =)

Grandpa has always been a very nice grandpa, a very patient man with very good manners. Never scolded us grandchildren before. A far cry from the usual prototype of "grandfather" with bad temper and nags non-stop at anything and everyone.

I used to see him burn incense at 4pm sharp everyday, before he fell sick. Sometimes he even let me help him with it. I can't really remember how many joss sticks to light for each altar anymore, it's quite sad because I used to know the numbers by heart.

Grandpa had a principle which almost everyone in our family knows; only eat till you're 70% full. And he's never choosy with food. Chilly or no chilly, tasty or lousy, he'd eat anything you buy for him. A perfect example of someone who eats to live.

He is also one of the most considerate person I've ever met. Last time, he would leave the hall and go to bed whenever I come home from school. I used to wonder why, until I realised he was actually giving me a chance to watch the channels I want on TV without having to worry about what he would like to watch.

There are more things I would like to say about him, but I don't intend to make this a tear-jerking post (if it's even possible for me to write one). So again, pictures will do.

The pictures below were taken today, when we scattered grandpa's ashes into the sea at Port Klang. Mostly just scenery, I'm not posting the pictures of his ashes, they're for keepsakes, not public viewing. In fact, even pictures of his portrait, paper house, paper car, and paper money have not been posted, for they're also only meant for our family members to keep as a remembrance of him =)

A rather interesting picture if you ask me.

All the major stuff had been completed by today. It ended well.

It's hard to find a grandfather like you anywhere in this world, I'm glad I actually had you as a grandfather. Sorry for not visiting you that often while you were still alive, even though I live just a highway away from your house. Even when you were at the stage of not remembering our names anymore, you remained the same nice polite old man every time we visited you. For that, I must say that I really admire you, because you're not the person who does things out of formality alone, but from your very own heart all the time.

You are my chi hou keh ah ya, now and always.

Hope you'll have a safe journey to the afterlife. Rest in peace, Yaya!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thou art Guilty until proven Innocent

I'll drop the Zvarri style this time. I find it too difficult to imitate his way of talking, even though I'm such an Ace Copycat =P This is the Zvarri guy by the way :

Image from Court Records

Luke Atmey. Never fails to introduce himself without adding the word "Ace" in front, prompting many others to follow suit : Ace Defence Attorney, Ace Spirit Medium, and even Ace Cousin -_-

I've just finished Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney : Trials and Tribulations yesterday. It's really FUN =DDD Best among the three (even cartridge games have trilogies nowadays -_-) in my opinion. Gogo play the games. Have a feel at playing one of the most depressing roles ever as an attorney at law, defending clients who are always guilty until proven innocent, thanks to the ever so bright judge. But before that play Shenmue first ok xD

Apollo Justice is going to be released in 2 weeks. Yay =D This time's attorney has a TV antenna hairstyle, differing from the porcupine-haired previous ace attorney, Phoenix Wright. Aha before I forget, this new attorney's name is Apollo Justice. Capcom must have run out of names -_-

Enough on AA. I might as well just post up some pictures rather than yapping non-stop about the game.

Go SHOOT YOURSELF if you don't know this logo. I'm serious. *bang bang*

Selamba cat =)

This one's a pepper/salt container.


I liked the game so much I bought this FFX VCD. Horrendous video quality. Don't buy it.

In the end, I bought this one, also for RM29.90. 2 DVDs plus a Soundtrack CD (actually it's Vocal Collection) Not bad not bad. My very first original DVD =D

I think I know now why this DVD's so cheap compared to the RM79.90 one I saw somewhere long long time ago. They must have cut down costs for hiring translators. The English subtitles are a real pain. Not so much on the grammar, but the names. In their wonderful attempt at giving a more English feel to the game, they decided to alter the characters' names. For example :

Sin - Torture(did they use Thesaurus for this -_-), Xing, dan lain-lain
Yuna - Yonna (no idea why, but this reminds me of egg yolk)
Auron - Yalong (lelong lelong)
Wakka - Walter
Kimahri Ronso - Christopher Lee xD
Seymour Guado - Simon Chubby (WHAT THE MIAO)

I think I almost got a heart attack watching it.

Either way, it's worth buying if you... Dhan, you should get one =P

Despite that, I still bought the sequel DVD xD Not to drool at sexy girls ok, I'm straightee, but I'm much too lazy to try getting a 100% completion just to watch the 2-minute non-CG "best ending", hence another RM19.90 spent.

That's all for now. No more pictures, and I've run out of things to blog about. I'm never one to be good with words anyway.