Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wei Ning is 17!... 4 days ago xD

Ok I know this is kinda late, but

Happy Birthday Wei Ning =)

In any case, on to the photos:

Since I banyak free, I decided to sabotage Ivan's pics >D

Sushi King

Sabotage Ivan's pic [2] xD

Sabotage Ivan's pic [3] xD

don't mind me.

Inside Red Box. OMG it was so dark my gambar-gambar banyak gelap. Use flash tak jadi, don't use flash also tak jadi =\

Cake. Specially baked by Ivan, Lip Boon, and Shu Yi (who according to reliable sources apparently : used a hammer to crush Oreos and almost destroyed a mixer when beating dunno what) for the birthday girl.
Tasted not bad tho. Really =)

I drank! ...Pepsi Twist -_-

Again, don't mind me.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration Wei Ning =D

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