Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's just a game, it's just a game xD

It's my second week in uni (waaaah I'm actually studying at a uni woh) and I think the only thing I've been doing in class most of the time, is prolly this:

Either that, or I end up teleporting to a wonderful unknown world without books instead. Common sense tells me that you do know where that is.

You know, university life is like a Pokemon game.
  • you press the "start" button and register your name - enrolment
  • you visit Professor Oak and decide on your starter Pokemon - Meet the school coordinator and decide on your course of choice
  • potions and hyper potions cost money - books aren't free, are they?
  • before fighting Bosses, stock up on Hyper Potions, or steal Oran Berries from your opponents - before finals, buy more books. Or you can go grab 10 books from the library.
  • in case your Pokemons faint in battles against the Gym Bosses, you need "Revive", or run to the nearest Pokemon Centre - in case you fail your units, either keep quiet about it and re-take (pay yourself), or you can run to your parents for financial help. It's free =)
  • there is a place you can rest and rejuvenate (R&R) in certain towns and cities - every lecture hall is a wonderful bedroom
  • in case you get lost in a cave, use the Escape Rope - in case you've lost your mind, do remember that there is a 6-storey building in Monash =P

I thought uni life would be as fun as MUFY, but so far, I have yet to see anything fun about this here place yet. Then again, I used to hate MUFY during the first month, so yeah xD

On an unrelated note, the sound system in Monash is great, as do my headphones =)

Too bad I can't pause the lectures and sleep first or turn up their volumes to a deafening level so I can stay awake, the way I can with my PortaPro (actually I can't xD I seriously need an in-line volume control for these miao)

Studying is not fun either, no wonder I like games more.

If this goes on, sooner or later I might realise that I've been holding the wrong compass, and ultimately end up in the wrong place.

I think I'm... this close already.

And super ultimately (xDD), end up like this:

In Chinese Chess, having your general face the other general will grant you instant death

The thing is, I don't think I want to get lost, or die yet (not literally la bugger). After all, I've only got ONE LIFE.


So I think if I can at least understand abit more about momentum or proof stress, I'd be able to do just fine =)

But how exactly do I do that, when I believe I could be suffering from this:

...or maybe it's just me. I sure hope so xD

In any case, like it or not, I have already chosen my starter Pokemon, caught a few others from the wild, and I can't turn back anymore (unless if I reset my game and lose all memory), so I should just go ahead and be a tough trainer to my interesting "friends", and finally, beat this one of the many games of life, just like I did my Pokemon Pearl =D

I don't think I can get a National Dex (or, Honours xD) in Engineering though, but still, wish me luck, will ye? =)


  1. * love the Note book *

    Kit yee ! Hey , have fun at UNi ler , don't be so stress.. And yo , Good luck to ya :)

    Voting day's this Saturday !! Just watch the results.. Hehe


  2. dhan: For some mystical reason, now I have to use that Halliday book last year. It's so thick -_-

    hahaha. you sure sound enthusiastic about it. I'll prolly just read it on the papers. That is, if I ever get the motivation to touch one xD

  3. =) It's only the first month like you said, it'll only get better. I still miss high school the most though. xD