Saturday, October 25, 2008


Random post of not much significance. I'm quite free, but my break doesn't allow the time to upload 50+ photos (rough estimate).

Anyway, teh list is out.


I think I should be studying though. Matila saya -_-

I My aunt found my ultimate favourite pencil (the Lamy one I've been using is just favourite, not ultimate favourite =P) that I lost roughly 2 years ago the other day. Unfortunately, the chrome finishing came off revealing the brass-ish material inside + lots of rust, so it doesn't look nice anymore, and ordering a new housing(?) for it will take around RM50 and 3 months -_-" No go.

It's still my ultimate favourite pencil though =D

OMG I'm not studying again.

EDIT AGAIN: Did I mention that final endings are usually sad but really great? =D Will post more on this after all obligatory posts have been settled.

OMG I'm not studying again, again.

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