Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not an Update

...I just thought I'd puzzle you buggers with some sort of "spoiler encryption" I came across somewhere today. Some of you may have seen it before I believe. I was wondering how did everyone manage to type gibberish seemingly so conveniently until I realised it was actually as simple as typing, but the typing process itself is a big hassle, unless maybe they have some filters to encode text in such wonderful style -_-

Example text:

Qrne ernqref, cyrnfr gnxr lbhe gvzr qrpbqvat gru zrnavatyrff fragrapr lbhef gehyl unf tenpvbhfyl glcrq bhg sbe lbhe crefbany rawblzrag.

I hope there's no typo xD Have fun decoding! Winners get nothing though, haha. Since the supposed code is so easy, any hints given will be a massive giveaway, eshpecially the moment you get it.

And more photos coming next week, after my wonderful tests. Oh the joyy, I'm so dead for electronics.

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