Tuesday, June 02, 2009

No News is Good News

Yes you should actually be happy for me if I don't update since I really can't afford the time =c
So erm all updates will be halted, I know I have quite a few to kowtim =x

Until the 25th, I will be away on a journey of self-learning and mental torture. Byee.
On another note, I wonder if I've posted this pic before =x

...or so I say. I have a tendency of updating a lot during exams you see -_-

EDIT: I need more friends in Mafia Wars on Facebook (I was so desperate that I had to buy 5 friends the other day -_-). Join join people! =D


  1. exams coming soon i see? and yeah yr updates are dwindling by the month i swear :/

  2. but the only thing worth spending on is buying friends right? btw its permanent right?

  3. dlt2: yep, and barely prepared too =\ shall update more next month though xD

    Andrew: hahaha if I had enough friends I wouldn't have bought one, but always kena attack so I buy lo T_T yep it's permanent xD