Friday, October 09, 2009

Andrew'z Nineteenth

I think I know 4 September 10 peeps, all rather different in their own ways but with notable similarities HAHA.

Anywayy, barbeque / Andrew's birthday celebration at his house on hmmm one fine Saturday.

I have 2 hamsters, a rabbit, and a dog. Please don't eat the hamsters, don't bite kill (corrected by Andrew) the rabbit and don't fight with the dog.
- Andrew

This was the very teh cute and always sleeping Shih Tzu =D
Picture taken by Chee Yung.

and the Chee Yung.

For nearly the entire pre-food session I was ogling over (and taking hostage of) Andrew's (dad's) EOS50D o.o
.... so no pictures from my own camera @.@ unless you want to look at 10+ pictures of Bubbles taken by Chee Yung x)

I want. I want T_T

I don't need but I also want T_T

Aik, by barbecue time my camera's battery decided to rest so I secretly hijacked a free plug point from his house to charge it while I went to makan. Which again explains the lack of photos, sorry sorry >_>

If you're wondering why are there so many candle pics YESS I like candle photos.

Andrew! I think the W eventually got nabbed and crunched by Shu Yi.

Hehe, hope you enjoyed the day. Happy Belated Birthday! =D

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