Saturday, March 13, 2010

QV Market Visit Day

One fine Saturday we stalked Mr Phua who went to look for his sister who lives opposite the market. Living opposite the market would mean not having to wake up early every Saturday to go to Brandon Park for grocery shopping, damn convenient can o.o Another problem about going shopping here is not being able to buy more that what you can carry by hand since there is no longer a car for you to throw stuff into -_- Imagine having to put back half the things you have in the trolley just because "Eh no hand to carry" -_-

Yes, it's called Queen's Victoria Market Visit Day because QVM wasn't really a highlight lol.

Post rolled back to erm 13th March 2010 (actual post date 21st May 2010. Second post of the day, I memang rajin.)




View of the marketplace from some Chu Ian's sister's (Ms Phua?) place

Nice fish

Many fishes


Fish food. Okay not fish food, but nvm

Golden fishies

More fishies

... a fish o.o



Well, the market was... a market.

One cold one sleepy

They call it art.

Yes in the middle of the sidewalk. They call it art.

Went to some Shanghai dumpling place. Food's not bad, but my order took almost an hour to arrive.

Horse carriage (is it called a carriage? lol). whoa.


- FIN! -


  1. fml looking at yr photos, i miss melb =(

  2. haha. Go again la =D