Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ann June's 21st =D

OMG I am really sorry for this half-year overdue post, reason being I left my memory card back home when I went for exchange. Sorry Ann June! >_<

Post will not be rolled back because it's... too long ago T.T

By the way Ann June's birthday is on the 9th February, hehe.

So Mr. Phua wanted to throw her a surprise birthday celebration at night, and there we were.

Daniel and Shu Yi were went close to cutting her birthday cake as their wedding cake.

Ivan wanted the cake.

After a short while the wait extended to the living room, with Mrs. Lee skillfully using her computer with the curtains open for spying purposes xDD

And hmm not long later she came back with Mr. Phua who had to fish her to the kitchen (because the candles were melting) using the excuse of "no more toilet paper" xD


Cake hound

Cake lover

I has no ideas what he doings

Cake handler

3 takes and none had Ann June looking this way xDD

... hence the face.

DOMO IS WIN!!!1!1!!1!!!!!

Hi, I like cans.

Shweet =D

More can photo can =D

Group photo time. I liked this one, too bad I had to use flash T_T

So this became my favourite picture =D

Happy Belated Birthday Ann June! Hope you enjoyed yourself xD

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