Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Man Is an Island

No date is an update! Okay very lame and makes no sense, but ah well.
Kinda tired lazy tired and since the next post... should be rather lengthy... I'll have a proper update next time xD

Finally just finished watching Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva after a long long time of waiting, forgetting, getting reminded, waiting, and erm waiting. Depressing stories aside, I watched it eventually la.

Hmm, it's actually impressive how it still manages to be unpredictable in many ways despite the tendency (by tendency I mean just from the 3 I have seen before, not sure about others lol but yes I like jumping to conclusions this way) to have ridiculous out-of-the-world answers to puzzling mysteries, overly rich mad scientists who build massive structures which always collapses/self-destructs at the end of the movie which takes up 5 minutes of screen-time for the main characters to escape and save a damsel in distress, crazily obsessed people, practically clueless detectives, and Flora getting minimal time on the screen because she is either in hiding locked up with cows or I dunno, just doesn't appear at all.
Anyway, overall quite a nice movie. Professor Layton FTW =D

In higher resolution because I can. Haha.

Weekends are almost heres. Have a good weekend people ~~
Midsem break is also almost here. Happy holidays peeps.

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  1. wait till you play the time travel one. xD Layton can be an official F1 driver. can drift and drive on 2 wheels sumore xD