Sunday, April 20, 2008

Miao again

I originally thought of posting more Monash pics, but finally decided against it. I'm not doing an advertisement here you see -_-

This tree near my house is really freaking me out. It used to be so full of leaves they had to trim it, and now it looks like a tree on a deserted land -_-

More pictures will come up when the time is right xD


  1. hey add me to ur blog!!

  2. first few photos. i like the way you've managed to play with light.

  3. gnengkaif: linked -_-

    dlt2: haha thanks =) looking forward to your blog's grand reopening come 30/4 xD

  4. Haha ,
    These shots are your most classiest ! :D

    I love them so much !

    Had my MUET today, Hehe :D
    Okay la..

    Will update later after everything is over.

  5. dhan: hehe xD

    you'll do well 1 la. I'm sure of it =D

    faster update xD

  6. Hey Kit Yee! I love the picture of the tree! It looks great! :D