Sunday, April 13, 2008

omg 31 days

To celebrate the absence of posts for 1 month, I susah-payah took some pics last Friday.
No pictures of humans yet, since I have no time to add misai for them xD

Oh, I study here you know?

This is by far my favourite shot =)

Actually I still have more, but since this is not meant to be an update, they'll just stay in my archives until after my mid-sem. Aih, I think I took the wrong course.


  1. Love the second and last shot. ^^

    And you definitely took the right course for yourself. :D

  2. I love the angles you took of the buildings. :D

    I can prolly never make anything i take look anything like yours. xD

    *hugs* You did the right thing. If you came to business, might still end up sleeping anyway. LOL! All the Best in Mid sem test!!

  3. bee theng : =D
    I really wonder about that -_-
    Never mind, if I fail this sem I might go back to Sunway to do CAT =\

    aj : Nice cameras can make ugly shots look nicer you know xD so if you use my camera maybe you can get even better shots =D
    Well, true -_- I died in the Mid sem test btw T_T