Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ran Ran Ru

No pictures again. Can't find the right stuffs for the set up =/

Here's a video I stumbled upon in Youtube. For the record, I have never posted any videos up here before. Just for the record. Yep, just for the record.

It's not that this video's so good it can make you cry, but somehow I lost all will to sleep after watching it xD See the McD clown? Yesh, I'm afraid he'll come visit me in my dreams. Nightmare alert.

Please do turn on your speakers at full blast so that your parents and family members will all take a look and think you're crazy =D

It's 5 minutes long by the way. Please feel free to stop viewing when deemed necessary xD

For the record again, the original wasn't like this, even though they're essentially the same if you ask me.

Peeps who visit this blog are very free. Since you're here, therefore you're a visitor, and hence it can be concluded that you are very free. And since you're so free, do watch Ken Lee as well if you haven't already.

I'm still wondering what "Ran Ran Ru!!!" means -_-


  1. that is one hell of a disturbing video

  2. 5 mins and 18 secs of my life just disappeared and i'm permanently scarred for life. i'll never eat mcds the same again xD