Thursday, July 03, 2008

Performing a Ritual

Post-exam post:


And then the next update you see will be on the 31st of June.

I am no exception.

I updated 3 times during exams but abandoned this place for a week after everything's over xD

Anyways, went to Mid Valley. Nisha the Magician magically appeared in front of McDonalds. Get Smart.

Pentax Optio M50. Oyez it's a point and shoot. You can't expect me to bring the D40X into the cinema without getting caught.

For an 8MP camera, I'm not really happy with it. Digital shake reduction = higher ISO = grainy photos. It's not my place to complain, but sorry for teh blur pics. 7H15 W0N'7 H4PP3N 4G41N 1 PR0M153 hope. Gee I can't do L3375P34K.

Nisha helping Nisha fix the phone strap on Nisha's phone. Me helped Nisha lose part of her earrings =(

Prolly the clearest photo compared to the rest of the catch. Gary playing Initial D.

When Nisha stays still, Nisha moves around.

Nisha's friend Stephanie attempts to help her fix the strap while Nisha looks on.

I actually got hit for the blur picture -_- Btw, they're stuck to each other like glue.

You see =D
I can give you their phone numbers + MSN + Facebook if you want =P

My favourite shot. You don't have to like it.

Going to Genting later. How to wake up at 5.30 you tell me.


  1. If i'm not wrong...

    banyak "burning" and contrast sial

    but this is a good shot weh 8D

  2. Nope no burning, since I have yet to figure out the proper way to use it. High contrast, yes xD

    Gee ever used a Pentax before? xD