Sunday, July 13, 2008

So where can I find sailors? (It's not worth the wait Part II)

I'm magically awake, or maybe this is a continuation of the dream. Never mind.

Genting can actually look this dead.

Picture taken with flash. smoky eh?

After some 1 hour wandering at the theme park, went to see the guys play bowling. Quite a good thing actually, I might have spent another hour doing nothing.

The guys were great at bowling. Wasn't supposed to waltz to the lanes, so I didn't manage to capture anyone in action. Front-view, at least.

They are all 5 years old.

Sorry it's blurry.

Not tall enough

What's 'Lanai' anyway?

Hmmm for some reason this looks familiar.

I have no idea

Again, I have no idea.

Anyway, the next morning it's all pack up and leave. Nothing much there.

The sky was so very the clear. Grr.

... and that concludes the wait. I have more chucked in the drive, but they're either too horrible or I just don't like them shots. I also just realized there were many peeps missing from the pictures, prolly I just like shooting non-human stuff =\

Btw, I need to thank Clara for helping me remove my glasses. I was half-asleep, so I almost gave her some sort of punch. Doubt she noticed it though xD I can be violent when sleepy >) anyway, sorry xD

Also, thanks to everyone from the trip =)

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