Sunday, March 22, 2009

RM8.90 Ferrari F2008

Title says it all. Some pictures were cleaned to remove dust. No photo enhancements just like someone I know. Might have to repost an edited version since I cannot stand seeing unedited photos; it displays a grave lack of creativity. Not like I have any to begin with, but I want people to at least know that I know how to adjust the brightness of photographs. Lol.

EDIT: Photos have been edited because I'm kiasu. Not that they look any better but I still prefer edited photos xD

EDIT AGAIN: I changed the order of 1 photo, just because I felt like it.

Pictures are not 1024x768 friendly.

Lighting this time's pretty simple since I was feeling very lazy but I was trying to finish up the camera battery before hauling it out to some ACGC which turned out to be the size of 3 classrooms if I'm being generous in estimation. Oh thank you Mei Xian for the ride =D and thank you Keng Fai for the roll roll thing xD

Ah did I mention that this is my 888th post? xD

Once again, I save my favourites for last. This time I have 2 =D


  1. I bought it too!

    A little bit disappointed when i found out this F1 doesn't come with the special features as other does.

  2. ah happy 888th post anniversary. err, i think u shud stick to edited photos xP no offense

  3. wtf only 888? congrats nevertheless =)

    interesting lighting setup. care to share? it works really well despite the subject's *ahem* severe lack of detail

  4. Emily: Haha ok whuttt. I don't really play with the "programming" since apparently I have such little programming talent that the cars crash more than run.

    Andrew: Lol thanks =) I've edited them, so now you pwn me in photography? xD

    dlt2: I've been teh lazy, that's why. thanks =) =P care to give me some better detailed car? xD