Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Every Beginning Must Have an End"

Exams are over!!!!! =DDDD

.... 2 weeks ago lol.

Too lazy to update, too busy to update, zzzz, I can come up with 100 excuses here but nvm. By the way, I am currently getting gaji buta working as an intern operator intern at a biggg factory somewhere in PJ, so updates might be few and far between. On another note, it makes little difference because I hardly ever update even when I have nothing to do -_-"

Some thermo-loving paperman folded by Lisa and Pei Chern, which effectively makes me the only one in the group with no artistic talent.

This semester had been a relatively enjoyable one, minus the final exams T__T
I learned some new things, so many thanks to many people for teaching and enlightening me in many ways =) Many many many thanks to my great groupmates Chu Ian Lisa Pei Chern and Vincent who tolerated my attitude and lack of talent and incompetence, sorry for all the trouble caused and all the stuff I messed up in. And I was practically leeching off you buggers, thanks for all the blood yea =P

Photo taken by Chu Ian. For some reason I don't have photos of my groupmates together, sorry sorry -__-"

Oh, and please learn to admire my beautiful handwriting -_- End of message, haha.

Anywayy, we spent 50% of the time in the lab doing this:

obviously probably likely very distracted by something very related to the project or maybe not =P

That wasn't exactly a lie, but we did do some meaningful work the rest of the time.... I guess. Oh wait, not "we", it's everyone but me, sorry for teh blunder xD

Photo taken by either Chu Ian or Vincent. I liketh teh expressionz =D

The rest of the pictures... are not for human eye consumption because I have something against functional pictures =D

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