Saturday, December 12, 2009

AFA Oh Nine - of Humans and the Like

Haiii. As you may or may not know, I went to Singapore 2 weeks ago last month (damn overdue) for Anime Festival Asia 2009. It was quite a fun experience (minus the zomgcrowdedcrowdeddamncrowded crowd), thank you Mei Xian for being a great guide and for giving me a place to stay and also for buying the bus tickets *bows* =D

Not many photos of cosplayers. In fact, very few. For some reason I couldn't find most of them. Want their pics, go googleth =D

Less than half of the people queuing up for tickets

Ah by the way, this one is... not a figurine post, hahaha. They come later >D

(The back of) Danny Choo. He was there as one of the event highlights methinks.

What greets you at the entrance. The exhibition hall was heaven for Gundam lovers (or so I think). Then again, for the many Gundam fig photos I took, I am not a fan xD

Add some wings and tadahh, a new character is born

I dunno who what where how and why was it there but it was.

some peculiar booth selling tools to "turn toys into food" or something like that. The outcome didn't look appetizing at all -__-"

Swords on sale; kill more for less.

Trigger happy anyone?

Tofuman! =D

PROFESSOR LAYTON! omgmustwatch. damn cool right =D

Hmm, can I has a Perfect Grade kit too?

So many Domo-kuns =D

The very enthusiastic Cloud crosses swords with a civilian

I believe they're from Chobits =D

Halfway through the day my battery ran low because I kept taking pictures of figurines and so I hijacked Sook Jean's camera, thanks alot Sook Jean =P and also her parents for treating us to lunch *bows* o.o

ahem, apparently fashion.

Left the place around... 6? It was overcrowded and people were pushing around it was annoying. So much for being civil -__-"

Ah and after that Mei Xian's very cool cousin and niece took us around and belanja-ed dinner (for 2 days how to repay omg o.o). Very nice people, thanks for the hospitality (I hope I used it right) =D

Mei Xian commented that the picture looked like... Petaling Street

You have to wonder about the teddies at the bottom of the circle -_-

They have nice buildings there, nearly all I went to were nice o.o

Interior of a hospital, think it's Tan Tock Sing Hospital. Like shopping mall can.

I managed to get a picture! woooot xD

Hmm I think that's about it. I took many pictures but few are viewable so yeah =X

Next: I have no idea.

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