Friday, February 26, 2010

Land Down Under: O-Week and Other Stories [Part 1]

This will be quite a long picture post. If you love your bandwidth, there is always this [x] box at the top right corner of your browser window! xD

Hmm if you don't know yet, I am currently in Clayton and will be back by July haha. So far it's been fun =D Australia's pretty much the same as home, just that the cost of everything is multiplied by 3 (when I get back everything will look very cheap -_-), Australians are all pretty friendly minus some hmm less friendly ones, environment quite obviously cleaner, public transports generally on time rather than Malaysian time, and drivers actually stop for you at pedestrian crossings (except in Asian-dominated areas, for obvious reasons, need I say more?). Hahaha.

Anyway, I didn't get to bring D40X here, hence a Lumix LX3 =3

Photos taken during the first half of Residential Halls' Orientation Week. Only by week though, orientation wasn't the only thing I attended. So I shall rollback the post to 26th February 2010! (actual post date 14th April xD)

KLIA as I remember it

Scavenger Hunt:

Some human pyramid thingy we were supposed to make in a moving train for scavenger hunt


Pictures do look different. Must be lighting.

Some random flower

Some stadium

Some stadium up close


A bridge with lots of sound effects. At one point there was the "Rasa Sayang" song.

City from afar


National Gallery of Victoria. Didn't go inside.

I think this was at the Shrine of Remembrance. Very unsure though.


The Bowl

Flinders Street Station

A large pocketwatch in Melbourne Central

...and a building that never gets wet.

I think they were trying to create future, haha.

Some other day:

Menzies building. Never went inside.

Police band, how cool is that =D

and... some comedians!

On the way back we saw a nice car. I have no idea of the car make or model though. It's a Chevrolet Camaro, the Bumblebee car. Thanks Mr Phua for pointing that out!

Take One

Take Two

Take Three

And during the night there was Toga Party


That's it for Part 1 =P

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