Monday, February 08, 2010

Carolyn's Early 21st!

Post rolled back (again lol) to hmm 8th February, actual date 4th April xD

Carolyn celebrated her 21st birthday celebration on the 6th February 2010, her birthday was actually yesterday haha. I wanted to at least rush this post before the end of yesterday actually, sorry for the long delay T_T

Food! =D

Carrot cake to be revealed later xD

Golden key =D

Food! =D

This was cute xD

Her cousins + Bee Theng

Looking happy with the card/book/magazine/cover/sorryactuallyIforgotwhatwasit xD

Her brother lighting up candles


Lineup of cakes

Family photo

taken with external flash from the other camera xD

With her cousins



Extended family photo

Wei Ning =D =D

Camera shy hmm...

Mahjong-eyed Ivan


My Botamon =D

Hmm that's about it. The rest will be uploaded on... Facebook kua lol.

Thanks Carolyn for being a great host, and Happy Belated Birthday! =D

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