Saturday, November 20, 2010

Teh Great Ocean Road

I went on a Great Ocean Road bus trip adventure some long long time ago ~~
There were only 3 stooges going because everyone else either already went / not interested / just dowan / going next millenium. Haha.

Anyway, the grand story began with me waking up late, or should I say super late that we had to practically run from the halls all the way to the bus loop, and took the city loop train going the wrong direction (then again it's a giant merry-go-round). I am so sorry my friends *bows*
Anyway (again) we made it on time and boarded the tour bus safely enough.

Things were smooth sailing like a rocky ship after. The roads were either too winding+narrow (hence the Great Ocean Road), or the bus driver was just plain ganas, which one it is exactly I dunno -_-

View from the window... by the way the tour guide said "flake" is shark meat o.O

Some hotel. Forgot all the details. I have goldfish memory.

First stop... can't remember much. This was the second stop if I recall correctly.

With colour.

Third stop: Somewhere with shops. I was saved. Ginger is good ~

I was the one who ate lunch but they had a lot of energy for jump shots.

I like taking pictures of people taking pictures, or something like that, haha.

Massive tree.

The tall and the short =D

Back to the bus. That coin was for... I forgot. I should update within 3 months next time -_-

No cows in sight somehow. Or maybe I just slept too much to be awake when there were.

Fourth stop: After another hour or so of me ZzZzzzz-ing we finally reached the main highlight of the trip.

They have a national park just for it!

... with some pretty plants for decorations by the sidewalks. But I stopped when I saw some sign along the lines of "WARNING: wild poisonous animals/insects may jump out and eat you". Gee.

Part of the famed 12 Apostles, with some human decorations.

The Twelve Apostles are... a bunch of solitary rocks on the beach. There are actually less than 12 now due to natural causes, I dunno the actual terms to use. Need. To. Go. Back. To. English. Class.

I thought maybe they'd look nicer from a different angle but somehow they still looked like a bunch of solitary rocks. Tour guide mentioned they look beautiful if you view it from a helicopter high up above... for AUD100 or something like that. That is some expensive view alrighty.
Anyway, the view is actually nice if you like the sea =D

Explains the thick bush... I guess xD

By the way here are the remaining Apostles.

There's an exponential curve...

and another exponential curve! Hehe.

Bus shot #21903129038013

Fifth stop: Teh journey continued to the Loch Ness monster Loch Ard crash site(?)

Here it is.

Lots and lots and lots of empty land.

A Tale of Two Survivors - by Port Campbell National Park.

Lisa who was very the prepared brought slippers. I was scrambling in my sport shoes ._.

Closer view + sans humans.

Pei Chern doing her *cough* usual *cough* work *cough*.

I'm in this photo if you can see me =D Photo taken by Lisa.

Again, I like taking pictures of people taking pictures =D

The view was nice. This is probably my favourite shot in the set. Lol.

A certain Slowpoke posing before returning to the wild.

A rare sight of... plants! This entire photo is full of plants =D


Sixth stop: Another beach with grass. If I upload certain pictures I took there I might not see tomorrow, so yeah no photos haha.

Final stop: Don't really know what is it called, so I'll call it "the Site of Two Survivors v2.0".

Somewhere up there, someone's watching the ocean.

This is a more erm interesting(?) tale of two survivors. Apparently the bridge (is it called a bridge? -_-) collapsed and no one got hurt, but two people were stranded on the new island. Doesn't sound too fishy until you read that it's some boss and his secretary hahaha.

Up close... close enough.

That marks the end of my great ocean adventure. On the way home the bus played March of the Penguins on TV =D

Exams are over. Weekends are here. Holidays are here.

Have a good weekend peeps ~

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