Thursday, December 23, 2010

Everything but Ground Level : The Melbourne Aquarium and Eureka Skydeck

Lame title, late post. This set was taken on 10th April 2010. Kinda 8 months late =x

What else? Haha.

Making full use of the week-long midsemester break, we went on another excursion (is this the right word?) right before uni reopened (for Sensors midsemester test so a few of us brought notes into the bus to apparently study lol).

We went to the aquarium first =D

Penguins are <3

Clumsy penguins are even more <3

This was prolly the best fish photo I've ever taken. In my opinion la lol.

And I thought lobsters only turn red when they're cooked.

Kacau punya reflection.

Nothing particularly interesting, but I just thought the Nemo demands enough attention to warrant a photo xD

... and we take a short commercial break.

My favourite tortoise shot =D

Through a series of events Lisa became part of the marine life.

Fishie and little fishies ~~

They look like transparent anchovies to me. Nasi lemak anyone ~~ xD

Science class 101

Erm yeahh they gave the snake a tree to slither around.

Unidentified Living Objects gobbled down by an Unidentified Stone Sculpture while the rest looked on.

Colourful jellyfish ~~ glass reflection kacauuu.

Shaky jellyfish kacauuuu.

I think these are also jellyfish =x

Imba photo size because I spent a lot of time attempting to make a HDR image. Lol.

"... and one day, Billy the Shark went out in search for food."

It looked like it was smiling xD

Tunnels are win too!

Nothing much after that... had McD's for lunch... what else hmm.

Oh yea. The skydeck.

It has nice designzzz

Goofing around while waiting for entry.

Another one...

The ground floor was reallllyyyy dark, so no pictures eeks. and the elevator was supah fast. Takes you up many many floors in less than a minute, or was that the case haha. Sorry I forgot xD

The view of... somewhere.

Dunno if this thingy's called the kaleidoscope, but yeah it was quite cool as well hehe.

Pei Chern stares at her reflection looking at the camera. Haha.

View of... somewhere else. With the half-blocked sunlight! =D

Take two.

A mini group photo. The shadows destroyed many details, sorry for the wrong setting =x

Moving LED display thingies on the floor =D

Woot, that's it!

Next update will come when erm the stars and moon are aligned xD
Oh, and the next 2 posts... should be messy. Literally messy hahaha.

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