Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bee Theng's 21st!

... on August 21 2010... sorry for the late late update xD for the record her birthday's on the 24th... haha.
I uploaded all on FB but it seems that facebook has something against my pictures, they look even more terrible there -_-

Location at Redbox Sunway Pyramid. To be honest I walked in with a lot of mental preparation to endure, but it turned out that they could all sing pretty well! =D

"I want 2 huge statues and a 5 sculptures made from gold..."

taking pictures of people when they're almost done eating = photography fail =x

"Hmm I think these videos are educational, must show my kids next time" face watching Lady Gaga's very interesting music videos

microphone hazard!

Commercial break...

I heart candles <3

I have something to say about the picture but never mind xDDD

Nice singing =D

Nisha and Eva smiles while Stephanie eats on. I'm beginning to wonder where did Cynthea disappear to the entire time I had my camera -_- sorry yah +_+

Group picture ~~

Camera shooting camera shooting people =D

Group shot with uni mates =D

Alrighty, that's all for teh pictures!

Hope you had a good time then =D Happyyyyy Belateddddddd Birthdayyyyyy! xDD

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