Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Thou art Guilty until proven Innocent

I'll drop the Zvarri style this time. I find it too difficult to imitate his way of talking, even though I'm such an Ace Copycat =P This is the Zvarri guy by the way :

Image from Court Records

Luke Atmey. Never fails to introduce himself without adding the word "Ace" in front, prompting many others to follow suit : Ace Defence Attorney, Ace Spirit Medium, and even Ace Cousin -_-

I've just finished Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney : Trials and Tribulations yesterday. It's really FUN =DDD Best among the three (even cartridge games have trilogies nowadays -_-) in my opinion. Gogo play the games. Have a feel at playing one of the most depressing roles ever as an attorney at law, defending clients who are always guilty until proven innocent, thanks to the ever so bright judge. But before that play Shenmue first ok xD

Apollo Justice is going to be released in 2 weeks. Yay =D This time's attorney has a TV antenna hairstyle, differing from the porcupine-haired previous ace attorney, Phoenix Wright. Aha before I forget, this new attorney's name is Apollo Justice. Capcom must have run out of names -_-

Enough on AA. I might as well just post up some pictures rather than yapping non-stop about the game.

Go SHOOT YOURSELF if you don't know this logo. I'm serious. *bang bang*

Selamba cat =)

This one's a pepper/salt container.


I liked the game so much I bought this FFX VCD. Horrendous video quality. Don't buy it.

In the end, I bought this one, also for RM29.90. 2 DVDs plus a Soundtrack CD (actually it's Vocal Collection) Not bad not bad. My very first original DVD =D

I think I know now why this DVD's so cheap compared to the RM79.90 one I saw somewhere long long time ago. They must have cut down costs for hiring translators. The English subtitles are a real pain. Not so much on the grammar, but the names. In their wonderful attempt at giving a more English feel to the game, they decided to alter the characters' names. For example :

Sin - Torture(did they use Thesaurus for this -_-), Xing, dan lain-lain
Yuna - Yonna (no idea why, but this reminds me of egg yolk)
Auron - Yalong (lelong lelong)
Wakka - Walter
Kimahri Ronso - Christopher Lee xD
Seymour Guado - Simon Chubby (WHAT THE MIAO)

I think I almost got a heart attack watching it.

Either way, it's worth buying if you... Dhan, you should get one =P

Despite that, I still bought the sequel DVD xD Not to drool at sexy girls ok, I'm straightee, but I'm much too lazy to try getting a 100% completion just to watch the 2-minute non-CG "best ending", hence another RM19.90 spent.

That's all for now. No more pictures, and I've run out of things to blog about. I'm never one to be good with words anyway.


  1. Aha ! FF X VCD ? Cute !! But no lar , I really only prefer perfect quality , and I also don't have the time to go buy lar.. Form 6 is getting on me.

    Eh , I love the shot of the VCD over the keyboard * Bn W tone )
    That's really classic. Suits well XD

    What you up to lar ? Your blog also hardly update ?


  2. never good with words? then why am i stuck to reading ur blog... oh, coz im bored xD

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