Monday, February 18, 2008


Uni life starts tomorrow. OMG. I still want more holiday.

I've been spending the last two days watching an anime called Zero no Tsukaima, or Zero's Familiar. One season per day xD Don't worry, it's only 13 episodes for the 1st season and 12 for the 2nd, so I only had to spend 6 hours per day for them, from 11pm to 5am =D

I was rather put off at first, since the series was far more perverted than I would have preferred. But after a while when I managed to get past that point, I would say I was able to enjoy the show lah, even if it doesn't have that much depth compared to the rest out there. It's like having characters from Love Hina in a Negima setting, and twice as perverted. Saito really reminded me of Keitaro xDD So I can safely conclude that anyone who liked Love Hina and Negima would definitely like Zero. Mwhahaha.

Anyways, there was one particular soundtrack that I liked from the 2nd season. "I Say Yes (wedding version)". No, it's not the type you where you hear wedding bells ringing. It's a sad tune -_- Maybe you'll only like it after watching the anime, I don't know, so you'll need to BUY THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CD from local music stores around you to find out =P *ahem* who am I fooling *ahem* xDDD

Apollo Justice out tomorrow. Wheee ~~

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