Monday, June 02, 2008

I ought to be shot for this.

I welcomed the holidays thinking that I would should study like a cow until the finals come 9th of June.

Unfortunately, I wasted time reading a manga a day, and by that I mean a whole complete series a day. And after I got bored reading them, I turned to visual novels.

Downloaded a few this week. Finished playing one called Narcissu, and it's quite nice, albeit rather sad. Not the tearjerker kind though, it just makes you feel empty. Or maybe I'm just heartless xD
People who like flowery words, sad sad stories and also the idea of stealing stuff should like this.

This 3 hour long game only has 2 characters in it.

Girl - "Setsumi". 22 years old. ID bracelet colour: white. Knows all about cars down to the very detail. Navigates better than all the computers in the world. Tak tau senyum. Loves swimsuits, and bikinis on top of that. Has an interesting take on the story of narcissus. Was to be released home from 7F for the second time. Going to die.

The guy on the other hand, doesn't have a name, supposedly a good guy, but went on a stealing/robbing spree the day he 'eloped' 7F with the girl. Stole dad's car keys + beloved car (apparently an Integra Type-R Coupe, according to the girl), stole clothes from a launderette, attempted to steal money from a pachinko outlet, attempted to flee the gas station without paying, and finally 'robbing' a pharmacy in bright daylight. Also about to die.

If you want to know more, go download the game yourself. I'm feeling generous, so here's the link. Gogo download! It's free =D Free in cost and free from porn. This is one of the few visual novels where you're not trying to hook up a guy/girl by the end of high school, and also one where two characters, both about to die, can actually stay in the car in the dark without doing anything at all =)

A beautiful story, at least for me.

Now to shoot myself.

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