Friday, June 06, 2008

I can't think of a title

Miao finals coming. I'm so dead. Anyways, all the best to everyone taking the exams =)

On an unrelated note, petrol sudah naik harga. I'll need to start begging for fuel in the streets. Sheesh.
Electricity tariff increasing next month. Must remind self to buy kerosene lamps and candles to survive in the dark. Must not turn on the air-conditioner. Maybe go around naked at home so it won't feel that hot. Not a really good idea xD

Will prolly post some pics after finals, if my computer doesn't show me the Blue Screen again. So there shall be no further updates until 24th June 2008 12:00:00 at least. Unless I feel like it xD

PS: To those schoolkids who laughed at me for not having holidays these two weeks, I will have my revenge soon. Just wait >)


  1. go naked, it's da best :D

  2. Schoolkids' mourning now.

    But yeah save up on your petrol and air conditioning and you just may save the world.
    just a lil bit :)

    Naked ? Puh-lease!..

    Hahaha :D

  3. School kids are school kids for a reason. xD Kidding. There are both pros and cons either way...

    2 more papers to go~ Go, go, go! xD

  4. dlt2: very encouraging xD

    dhan: mwahahaha >D

    remember, I'm no saint >)


    bee: agreed -_-

    still 2 more papers T_T