Friday, June 13, 2008

very dead, I am

Maths was a-ok. Dynamics was depressing. Looks like Dynamics won't equal D or C this time. Now I wonder if I'll even pass marginally, or fail miserably.

The S thingy is becoming more of a burden than blessing.

Never mind it. Emo-ing, no mood to study the impending doom that is Physics or worse still, Materials, so I'll waste some time to write rubbish here.

Note to self: Play Shenmue I and II over and over again after finals until results are released on the 11th.

Wallpaper from somewhere I can't remember anymore. Official site here.

Oh yesh. Shenmue rocks. Dreamcast rocks. People who have never played either of these, or condemns them for whatever reasons there may be, are missing out a lot in life, and will someday die regretting the fact that they never got the chance to experience one of the most wonderful games of all time.

You can't find this kind of graphics in Final Fantasy games 10 years ago or dunno what else la, but you can find it in this game =D

Never mind the curses. E3's next month, I'm hoping for some good news.


  1. hey,
    :D i know how ya feel la.

    and yes ! shenmue rocks only because of its music ~ which u introduced..


  2. T_T

    ehhh it rocks in every way ok. you have never even played the game yet =P someday after your STPM I carry the dreamcast over to crash your place la xD