Saturday, September 20, 2008

Andrew's 18!

LOP-type. Guess la.

Andrew is 18!

... 11 days ago. Happy Belated Birthday xD

Lunch at Carl's Jr. The price was cut-throat, but the burger was hugeeee xD Now I don't feel like eating McD's anymore, except maybe for the fries. McD fries are still teh best =D

Pictures are very the saddening, so sad it's an insult to the D40X =\

Photo taken by dunno who

By Andrew

By Andrew

I think she said "roar" xD

Shu Yi: "See? I can do the 'peace' sign"

"Now I can do double 'peace' signs!"

I did not change the colour filter. Don't ask.

Michael costs RM6.90 and he comes with a free drink

Mei Xian's busy killing virtual enemies while being targeted by real-life people xD

Andrew's a real sharp shooter =D

Shooting the shooter

Cute eh? xD

I especially hate people who avoid the camera and then have the cheek to ask me for photos or something along the lines of "pictures with me inside" on MSN after that. I don't waste time photographing ninjas, so it's very annoying -_-


  1. thanks for being the photographer of the day =D and thanks for coming :)

  2. =D

    happy belated birthday again! xD

  3. my little partner looks so fierce. wahahaha