Sunday, September 07, 2008

Piyo piyo

Long fur is done, but looks too ugly to be uploaded -_- so I just changed the bar this time. Very blue I know.

How to upload like that you tell me.

ANYWAY, the actual one doesn't look like that la, but I'm having some problems with the shading, so no longfur guru yet. Moustache also belum ada omg.

Plus I still have some annoying reports to complete. Geez.


  1. a 3D design? =.= ya allah ya tuhanku looks like a lot of work

  2. hahaha yeah xD

    it's alot of work for amateurs like me, but really, it's actually easier than it looks =P

  3. wow wow!
    design a 3D carolyn for me! >.<
    less fur, less hair, BIG eye

    most importantly, must be TALL!