Monday, September 01, 2008

Hey, do you know what the Archimedes principle is?

Quoted from part of the the saddest ending in Ever 17. Don't go wiki it if you don't want to read spoilers ALL over the article.

It's a good thing the True End was happy =D You have to toil through the other 7 endings to reach this one though -_- (walkthroughs come in handy)

Just for the record, I didn't play it today or yesterday. I just REplayed Tsugumi's good end (actually far from happy), which explain the title. The first time I played it was quite some time ago, but I only felt like posting about it now.

Why now?

Because I feel like sinking.

But the day I actually do, I hope it'll be worth it. Just like in the game, except prolly for a different reason =)

Edit to add: For the fun of it, all of September 2008's posts will have titles inspired by this game xD

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