Thursday, January 22, 2009

200 + 9 = 2009!

Very overdue. I've had this one in under "Drafts" since the 2nd, but due to undisclosed circumstances I delayed the posting till erm today [and at the point of writing this it's still under drafts].

Didn't take anymore performance shots after that due to unforeseen circumstances, but they should all look the same anyway.

Thank you thank you thank you Ann June and Chu Ian(teh driver) for teh fetching me to the Curve and back home after! =D ...and banyak sorry for the *cough* flash strobe-ish lighting, haha.

Unfortunately group pictures were taken using the Pentax compact camera (since spraycan-wielding barbarians snowsprays were at large and I don't need my D40X to be graced with snow for the SECOND time) which either turned out blur or the colours not nice or the sizes not right. So no group pics. Sorry ya -_-

It's a mustttt musttttt musttttt for New Year posts to have fireworks pictures, so I took mine at the Curve. They were quite okaylah, but a little short. And the pictures didn't turn out well. But it's still fireworks! xD

Some winged-insect-like-firework-thing-I-think

Hope this year will be a good one. Have a Happy New Year everyone! =D

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