Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CF08 DAY-Tuna

Sorry if you think they still look too saturated, I've even tried reducing the contrasts already -_-

Inuyasha and erm erm erm sorry I dunno xD


Some sort of ritual in procession I guess.

You won't see male cosplayers getting attention like that.

(20 seconds later) *puts down staff* "Aiyah very tired ah!" xD

They've really got character alright o.o

I almost thought I was in a live MMORPG game seeing them. Great costumes o_o

Doctor Octopus made an appearance

It's Hani and family(?) again! =D as characters from Eyeshield 21. To tell the truth, I couldn't recognize her until she said "Hi" xD

YESH these are all the cosplay pictures I'm willing to post up, since the rest were even more horrible horrible horrible. Anyway, I still prefer 2nd day shots over the 1st just because I think they look better somehow, haha.

Figurines will have their own special post sometime in the future =D


  1. where where where?
    Where is Hani?
    I cant recognize her!

  2. the one with the rugby ball =D

  3. woo cool pics XD
    yeah and its better the 2nd day batch
    thanks again for taking my family(?) pic too lol
    and who's emily?
    imma forgot my classmates?? >w<

  4. ... somehow xD
    yer mosth welcome =D and thanks for letting me take your family pic too, haha.
    erm emily is min hwee, and she's a year younger, not from our classes xD